Saturday, November 07, 2015

ARROW goes to hell (Stan)

rebecca here.

most of us cover a t.v. show at our sites.

stan covers 'arrow' (and sometimes 'flash').  this is his latest.

ARROW goes to hell

On tonight's ARROW, Oliver, Laurel and guest Constantine journeyed briefly to hell (the pit) to rescue Sarah's soul and reunite it with her body.

It was a success and now Sarah (on earth) is a person again.

Prior to that, she was trying to kill Thea for most of the episode.

John Diggel found out that his brother was an Afghanistan war lord.

If that's the truth.

The news came second hand from Laurel's dad who got it from Damien Dark so I'm not sure I'm going to buy into it immediately, you know?

But the really big news was Felicity.

Last episode, Curtis had told her that the problem with her cell phone had to do with some last words Ray had said and that she should listen to them.

She declined.

This episode, as he was about to go work out at the gym, she changed her mind.

So he gave up his work out and spent forever working on it.

Turns out -- as we should have known -- Ray is alive and tiny (he's The Atom).

And he needs Felicity's help.


The coming attractions for next week show that he's a prisoner of Damien Dark.

It was a fast paced episode but I wanted more of Ray and we only got him at the very end.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"