Saturday, November 07, 2015

quantico (rebecca)

rebecca again.  leaving 'heroes reborn' for a moment to note abc's 'quantico.'
  ava and c.i. reviewed it in 'TV: Quantico' which resulted in non-stop e-mails to me asking what i thought?  so this is my take. their review also noted 'blood & oil.'  i'll add my 2 cents on that.  the show is flat out boring and i agree with them: if it's going to stay on the air the show needs to add melanie griffith in a joan collins type of role to bring some life to the proceedings.


a number of e-mails came in urging me to watch abc's 'quantico.'

i have now.

what did i think?

this show can probably last 2 seasons.

i'm not talking ratings, i'm talking storyline.

ratings will probably keep it on the air for 5 years or more but it really is just a 2 season story.

it's a good story.

i do like the show.

but i just don't see this who-done-it spinning out for more than two seasons worth of stories.

so by season three it will be lagging and by four it'll have more than 1 foot in the grave.

and maybe that's what we should be preparing for?

in england, they have many shows which are intentionally brief.

maybe that's what we need to move towards?

especially when it comes from suspense?

but it is a good show.

i say the blond guy (whose dad is sleeping with his girlfriend) is the 1 who did the bombing.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'