Saturday, November 07, 2015

You want to fight? So be it (Marcia)

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but marcia covers 'the originals' at her site.  and this is latest

You want to fight? So be it

The Originals airs on The CW and it's now on Thursday nights.

This episode didn't offer much.

We had to endure White Rebekkah.

I hate that actress.

And she's so bad in the role.


Let's be honest, this can't be a long running show.

Klaus is supposed to be ageless -- as is Eli.

Both actors are aging.

Klaus more so than Eli.

Hayley had a little to do this episode -- just a tiny bit.

She seems to be turning into Davina's mentor.

There was too much backstory this week and not enough forward momentum.

Camille got arrested.

They think she's the killer in the French Quarter.

No, that doesn't make any sense.

But the episode existed mainly to turn Klaus and Eli against each other.

In flashbacks, we saw Klaus fall for Aurora (the crazy redhead who killed the priests at the Buddist temple) when she was a human.

She begged him to make her a vampire but he refused.

When her brother Tristan tried to come between her and Klaus, she slit her wrists.

Rebekkah found her dying and turned her (into a vampire) to save her.

She and Klaus then made out and were the perfect couple.

But when Eli, Klaus and Rebekkah had to flee before their father could find them, Aurora and Eli got into insults over who knew Klaus best which culminated with Aurora revealing Klaus killed their mother (Eli, Rebekkah, Klaus and Freya's mother).

So Eli used that secret to drive Aurora away.

In present day, she tells Klaus that when he rails at her for leaving him.

He then confronts Eli and blames him for setting him on "the course" that has led him here and Eli responded that Klaus really loves to play the victim.

The two got into a nasty physical fight.

And then it ended with Eli saying he was tired of all the years of protecting Klaus, "You want a fight?  So be it."

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"