Saturday, November 07, 2015

scandal bores while heroes reborn continues to heat up

rebecca here.

here's another post by me on 'scandal' and heroes reborn - this is from 11/2/15.

if you gave 'heroes reborn' a chance and then gave up, i understand.  but the show is really heating up in the last 3 episodes.  it's really worth watching.

scandal bores while heroes reborn continues to heat up

abc's 'scandal' gets worse each week.

thursday saw fitz in danger of being impeached.

the only solution?

cyrus says for olivia and fitz to marry.

and olivia?

she's not sure she wants to get married.

she whines to ex-love jake who hangs up on her.

she whines to abby.

she tries to whine to quinn.

coming back to that.

1st, a marriage to save the presidency?

and olivia can't go for it.

i'm sorry, why did cyrus get married?

oh, that's right, olivia made him marry the male prostitute because it would change the story - cyrus didn't want to but olivia made him.

but when it's to save the presidency and it's her?

little princess isn't sure if she wants to marry the man she's sleeping with - for over 5 years now, the man whose marriage she did break up.

so quinn knows that releasing rowland (olivia's dad) can save them.  roland still has the info on congress and can use it to blackmail the congressional committee into making it go away.

so roland's out and that's what happens on a dull and boring 'scandal' that made nearly an entire season about getting rowland into prison.

'heroes reborn' on the same night but on nbc continued to come to life.

this despite we viewers having to endure not 1 noah but 2.

we also got mohinder and more action from hiro.

and angela returned.

because noah and hiro traveled back a year to the event where the bomb went off.

clair died not from the bomb but from child birth.

she had twins.

noah wanted to see her body but they wouldn't let him.

which means clair's alive.  let's be honest.

so her twins, angela knows from a vision, can save the world.

but clair was 15 when her powers manifested and the children must save the world next year.

the answer?

angela will go back in time 15 years with the 2 infants to raise them.

and who are they?

the son is the 'teenager' (the 20-something brit playing an american teenage boy) and the daughter is the 1 who saved zachary levi last week.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'