Saturday, November 07, 2015

the yawn inducing scandal, heroes reborn shows a little life

rebecca here.  if you missed it, i have updated both back up sites with c.i., cedric and my posts.  so those of you who prefer, for example, blogdrive can stop complaining in e-mails.

at my site, i've covered a lot of tv shows - most of which got the axe.

1 of them was 'heroes' which is now back on nbc in what may be a limited run.

at the start, i would've said good because it was so damn disappointing.

but it's actually started to finally heat up.  so i'm going to repost 1 or 2 or 3 posts on it that i've done recently.  this is from 10/24 and before some 1 e-mails and says, 'rebecca, you shouldn't have cut off the snapshot!' - i've left the link in.

i'd gladly leave the snapshot itself in.  but when c.i. reposts us here, you may have noticed, she doesn't include her snapshot that we repost.  so i'm respecting her wishes.

now if you haven't watched 'heroes reborn' yet read the following.

the yawn inducing scandal, heroes reborn shows a little life


this show was once interesting.

the only scenes that had any life in them?

1 scene.

mellie getting drunk with cyrus.

that's really it.

the show is pointless today.

fitz may be impeached for his affair with olivia.  yawn.

olivia has to sell their affair to the public.  double yawn.

cyrus has to be brought back in because he knows fitz declared war (on angola?) to save olivia when she was kidnapped.

so cyrus agrees but elizabeth has to be fired.

if there was 1 scene the episode needed, it was elizabeth being fired.

but that will apparently happen offscreen.

cyrus' husband was on.

1 scene.

it was good to see him.

but over all the show is just as dull as dishwater.

'heroes reborn'?

the return of hiro gives me hope.

he showed up to save noah.

next week's episode is supposed to feature him more.

thank goodness.

except for zachary levi, the return has been a bit boring.

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

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