Monday, May 28, 2018

Queen Bitch Boi John Nichols hopes the 'resistance' never finds out what he did to Hillary

Oh, look, look who found his way back to the topic of Iraq.  It's been so very many years, John.

  1. Hunter S. Thompson warned about what happens if we do not hold lawless presidents to account. We failed to impeach Bush for his Iraq lies, and we ended up with Trump. If we fail to impeach Trump for his constant lies, we absolutely will end up with someone worse than Trump.

Everyone's favorite Queen Bitch Boi, the lying hack John Nichols, says today "We failed to impeach Bush . . ."

We, bitch?  Who the f**k you calling 'we'?

I didn't write a book about impeachment that came out at the end of the summer of 2006.  And I certainly wasn't in the middle of promoting it when Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment was "off the table."

That was you, bitch.

And that was you who crumbled like feta cheese in the face of Nancy.

That's why you can't get a decent book contract these days.  No publishing house trusts you.  You took an advance for that book and you said you would promote it.  But when Nancy called the shots, you dropped the topic.

So stop lying.

Stop thinking you're fooling anyone.

Everyone in the so-called resistance should know about you, John.  About how you lied about Hillary Clinton on DEMOCRACY NOW!  If they knew that, they wouldn't even support you.  If they knew your true past, they wouldn't support you.

And they won't because you're trash and trash has a tendency to stink.  They can smell you, John.

If THE NATION had any guts, they'd fire you.  What do you have to show for all your years?  An Iraq column calling out . . . Barbra Streisand?

That was you, John.  But then you always attacked women, didn't you?  And there aren't enough paywalls in the world to hide your history.

Today, you're interested in Iraq -- for about ten minutes.

But that is what filth like you does -- figure out whatever's popular at the moment and then try to graft yourself onto it.

You're incapable of building anything.  So you try to ride anyone else's work.  You're trash, plain and simple.  And if we need to here, I will certainly remind everyone of every damn attack you did on Hillary Clinton.  You used sexism and so much more.  And now you to try to pretend like you're part of the 'resistance.'  They're not going to want you John if they know what you really did.  The lies you told about her?  You made up s**t on live TV and radio about Hillary.  And you thought you got away with it.  But I was documenting you here in real time and Ava and I documented your actions over at THIRD.  You're not going to fool anyone.  You're trash.

Part of the reason the Iraq War continues is because of filth like John Nichols that flits from 'cause' to 'cause' like some giant gypsy moth -- unable to stay with a cause, unable to do any real work.

He's disgusting.

Amazing that he would Barbra for the start of the war when he himself is so clearly responsible for the continuation of the Iraq War.

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