Saturday, June 02, 2018

The occupation continues

A haiku: remember Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist

How does this disconnect from reality?

Not only do many refues to accept it, they refuse to accept its meaning.

The US government lied to start a war.

The war destroyed Iraq.

Somehow people seem to believe this is a credit for Congress, that their ability to blindly follow orders translates as leadership.

It doesn't.  It does explain how the Congress gets worse each term, so easily blackmailed, so easily corrupted.

They'll stand for their own craven selves but not for the American people or the Constitution.

Speaking of craven . . .

Iraq's water crises.... Zab river situation after Iran's cut off the water on Iraq!

Omar's correct that Iran's cut off water.  But it's not just Iran.  It's Iran and it's Turkey.  When you leave one of them out, it seems less to be about facts and more about a grudge f**k.

85% of Sinjar’s capital Shingal/Iraq are destroyed. 2,5 years after liberation from IS rule reconstruction hasn’t even started. Many Yazidis feel neglected and fourth grade citizens.

There is no reconstruction in Iraq -- only continued occupation.