Friday, June 01, 2018

Samantha B and B-minus (Ava and C.I.)

Samantha Bee is the latest name to be in trouble.  She hosts her own comedy talk show on TBS.

This week, she's in hot water for calling Donald Trump's adult daughter the c-word.

These are our quick thoughts on the issue.

  1. The c-word?  We don't use it.  Though apparently it's going mainstream since Sally Field's taken to Twitter.  Then again, Sally wasn't raised with any manners and she's always felt outclassed in the business (for good reason?), hence the 'you like me, you really like me' speech.

The c-word.

If you don't like it, we feel you.

But we honestly think the issue there is TBS.  Samantha Bee does not host a live program.

That couldn't have been bleeped?

In terms of Samantha using the word?

She's going for comedy.  A joke can fall flat without it being a national outrage (the Washington correspondent's dinner recently seems to have convinced many that the greatest threat to humanity is not a bomb but a joke).  She was going for a laugh.

If it got laughs, fine.  If it misfired, fine.  That's comedy.

Her target was an adult and also someone with a level of power so we're not going to fret over it.

What does bother us?

Why the daughter?

Why not Donald Trump Jr.?

Samantha identifies as a feminist.  Therefore, we hope she reflects on the joke itself, not the c-word.

Because Donald Trump (the president) has an awful policy (similar to Barack's), Samantha feels the daughter should dress up in a sexy little number and plead with her father.

Why should the daughter?

Why is it a female responsibility to plead on behalf of children.  Is Donald Jr. not also a parent?

There are other feminist issues worth examining in the joke but this is a quickly dictated piece because we're told this topic is occupying all the e-mails to the public account today.

There is also the issue of sexualizing the daughter -- we question why her only ability, per the joke, would be to use sexuality to get her way.

Again, if the c-word is the problem with you, that's a TBS issue, they should have bleeped it.

But we do hope Samantha will reflect on the issue of why we blame women for the actions of their husbands, their fathers, their lovers, their . . .

--   Ava and C.I.