Friday, June 01, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

  • Vogue celebrates Saudi Arabia finally allowing women to drive with a cover featuring a Saudi princess whose family is currently detaining the very women activists who actually fought for that right, and even threatening them with death penalty. Shameful.
  • And what about all the Syrian and Libyan children whose lives were cut short by the bullets you and the Obama administration provided to the jihadist terrorists who destroyed their countries? Spare us your crocodile tears.
  • But you weren’t concerned about keeping kids safe from gun violence in Libya and Syria when you armed ISIS and Al-Qaeda jihadists with billions of dollars worth of heavy weapons.
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    : Questo evento religioso non sarà sicuramente nelle prime pagine del mainstream: oggi i cristiani hanno festeggiato la fine del mese in onore della Vergine Maria, con una bellissima celebrazione nella parrocchia latina di San Francesco nella Aleppo liberata dal terrorismo.
  • From Syria’s Aleppo, free of terrorism: Syrian Christians take to the streets to celebrate the end of the month of Virgin Mary. Imagine if Al-Qaeda jihadists still occupied the ancient city... None of this would even be possible.
  • This won’t be anywhere near CNN’s headlines today: Syrian Christians mark the end of the month of Virgin Mary with a beautiful celebration at the Latin Parish of St. Francis Church in Syria’s liberated Aleppo. 🇸🇾❤️
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    The biggest conspiracy theorists are those who screech ´conspiracy theorist!’ at others. The biggest purveyors of Fake News are those who lecture us about Fake News. The biggest aggressors are those who accuse others of ’aggression’ . It’s what psychologists call ´Projection’.
  • Is there a chapter about you prancing around with jihadist terrorists in Syria and Libya or did you conveniently leave that part of your life out? 🤔
  • Remember all those mainstream media columnists who sang the praises of Muhammad Bin Salman for being a “feminist reformer”? They’re all silent now as Saudi Arabia arrests the women who faught to lift the driving ban and even threatens them with execution. Textbook hypocrisy.
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    A good place to start, Mr. Johnson, is by noting that Mr. Babchenko is, in fact, alive, but that the UK continues to spend millions on its illegal attempts to arrest --in violation of two UN rulings explicitly requiring it to cease doing so.
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    Misleading, if not outright fake news. Assad said he has begun negotiating with Kurds and prefers reuniting Syria peacefully. But if there are those who don't want to negotiate, he will use force. Shameful, AFP
  • Vladimir Putin continues violating British sovereignty and attempting to overturn Brexit!!! Oh no, wait... It’s just good, ol' George Soros. Nothing to see here! Move along! 🤗
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    Ukraine just took ‘fake news’ to a new level. And a lot of people should have egg on their faces, except promoting hysteria about Russia/spreading fantastical conspiracies etc never seems to have any repurcussions for perpetrators.
  • Better having Assad run a secular state where minorities like Syria’s ancient Christian community are protected than letting ISIS and Al-Qaeda overrun the country as they did in Libya where human beings are now being sold by jihadists in open slave markets.
  • If this story about Russia is nothing but fake news, what does it say about the rest of AP and other hysterical mainstream media coverage about Russian affairs and big, bad boogeyman Putin? 🤔
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    A normal person who gave full throated support for an Illegal war for oil that killed 1/2 million & thousands of U.S. soldiers would probably STFU on memorial day, but a blood thirsty psychopath would do this.
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    St. Tekla Church & monastery in ancient Christian town of , , were damaged when town was taken by AlNusra in 2013. St. Tekla was a disciple of St. Paul & hid there from Roman persecution 2,000 yrs ago. Jihadists tried to burn her tomb. All will be restored soon.🙏
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    Today has been: 63 days gagged & isolated after US pressure on Ecuador 2170 days in the Embassy 2730 days detained without charge in the UK 2805 days investigated by US grand jury 844 days ago the UN ruled Assange should be freed & compensated
  • That awkward moment when Washington, which is nearly 6,000 miles away from Syria and whose forces are stationed on Syrian soil illegally, tells the Syrian state not to retake Syrian territory from jihadist invaders.
  • Actually, you dishonored those very souls by sending them into illegal wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria all for the benefit of the military-industrial-complex.
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    And the UK corporate press supported it all the way. And then celebrated the outcome with its 'moral glow'
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    If you mention this at you will be called a Putin Puppet by & Freedom Forum chairman will say u lack integrity. Not much Freedom at Freedom Forum
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    Ron Paul's famous speech to Congress:- What If our entire Foreign Policy approach was plain wrong
  • In a nutshell: Obama, Hillary and their NATO buddies bombed Libya to ruins and paved the way for slave-selling jihadists to take over, transforming a once stable and prosperous country into a completely war-torn, failed state.
  • If McCain was sincere about his Iraq “mistake”, he wouldn’t have backed the illegal war on Libya and continue advocating for jihadist fanatics in the name of regime change in Syria.
  • Your family’s foundation robbed orphaned Haitian earthquake victims to pay for your wedding. You don’t have the moral high ground.