Saturday, June 02, 2018

Some Tweets from journalists Margaret Kimberley

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    The Metropolitan Police spied on Stephen Lawrence’s grieving parents, and the British press is up in arms about a soap manufacturer? The state of you lot.
  2. Great time at . I’m here with old friends and just met Libby Liberal in the flesh.
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    . Margaret Kimberly says , “Its clear we must get rid of . They are the reason is President. Their corruption is so deep-This party is dying. They are killing themselves! More in coming days.
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    . in panel: Stop Wars at Home and Abroad says moved black opinion from opposition to support. His full talk in coming days
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    . says ruling class offers never ending austerity and never ending war. “I know who the Left is not. It is not the people shouting Russia, Russia, Russia!” More in coming days.
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    . Russiagate: Muzzling the Black Left and the March to War says “We condemn Trump for a lot of things we gave Barack a pass on.” More in coming days and Black Alliance for Peace FB page
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    I’m in an interview with —that means I’m collaborating with the Russians, right?
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  9. Watch the UNAC/Black Alliance for Peace panel live. @ajmaubaraka