Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hayder al-Abadi turns the military loose on civilians in Iraq

Attacks on protesters -- will the world finally acknowledge Hayder al-Abadi's true colors?

  1. Protestors dead, electricity cut off, internet shut down. This is the failed state of Iraq under America’s favorite guy in Baghdad, Abadi. US has to wake up & realize there is nothing to save. Iraq has chosen Iran. Redirect those billions & help Kurds democratize & build a state.

  1. In the city of Nasriyya (Thi Qar Governorate), protestors chant: “Iran, Iran, we don’t want you anymore, Thi Qar will not shut up anymore!”
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  1. BREAKING: Electricity has been cut off in large parts of southern Iraq and curfew imposed

That's bad enough -- southern Iraq's in the midst of 3 digit degree temperatures -- but Hayder's also turning the federal forces loose on the civilians.

  1. : Now, |i Army Counter Terrorism units are using machine guns to suppress pro- armed protesters in , . They are protesting due to after decided to not sell water to due to in .
    The media could not be played.

Where's the foreign press?

Oh, that's right.  The world press is only interested in useless faux protests.  Like the idiots in England who turned out to protest Donald Trump -- instead of protesting any of the many realities that directly effect their own lives.

Meanwhile, the foreign press has ignored days of these protests and ignored them because these are protests of the US puppet Hayder al-Abadi.

You're seeing how much the Iraqi people hate him.  This is the guy that, as latest as May 11, 2018, the world press was telling you was so wonderful and so beloved and so sailing straight to a victory on May 12h that would ensure him a second term as prime minister.

Now at least two protester are dead in Najaf with seven more injured.

Blood on the corporate press' hands -- again.  They've whored on Iraq for so long, they wouldn't recognize the truth if it crawled into bed with them.