Friday, July 13, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    Young Syrians enjoy their summer at the beautiful beaches of Syria’s coastal cities Latakia and Tartous. This is the kind of peace all of Syria would have if wasn’t for the neocon warmongers and Saudi Arabia continuing to arm and finance the jihadist insurgency.
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    As a Syrian Christian, I do PRAY Assad stays in power. The Assad government, along with our Russian brothers and sisters, saved us from ISIS and the other Western-backed terrorists and directly supported with and .
  • Russia did not invade Ukraine. Over 96% of Crimea’s people voted to rejoin Russia. Putin is helping Syria defeat terrorism. No proof after nearly 2 years of propaganda that Russia “attacked” the US election. You helped arm terrorists. You shouldn’t even be talking.
  • It’s official. Syria’s Daraa has been liberated. For the first time in 7 years, the Syrian Army has full control over the city and the jihadist terrorist occupation is finally over. Another huge victory for Syria.
  • As if Libya didn’t have enough problems between the slave-selling jihadists terrorizing its streets and the worsening refugee crisis. Now there’s a bread shortage. A round of applause for Obama, Hillary and McCain for bringing such “freedom” to the Libyan people. 🙄
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    And yet Obama, responsible for the slaughter of 1000s with his Drone War, the destruction of Libya, and the deportation of millions of migrants, was regarded as some kind of liberal saint during his visits to the UK.
  • Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford: There is a real risk that the West could use another fake chemical attack to justify actions in Syria which could spark a dangerous crisis.
  • Welcome to the Twilight Zone where locking up more journalists and whistleblowers than all your predecessors, drone-bombing kids in half a dozen countries and arming jihadist terrorists gets you ranked “best president” in this lifetime.
  • The very same NATO alliance that invaded and destroyed Libya, turning a country that had Africa’s highest standard of living into a safe haven for jihadist terrorists who brought back slavery? Very “successful” indeed.
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    THREAD: A brief modern history of the effects of chlorine gas...especially for the propagandists that are now trying to reframe their stories to a "chlorine gas attack" given their original "sarin gas attack" story has been disproved by the OPCW:
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    Instructors & sappers of the Russian Anti-Mine Centre in Syria return Home. Together with Syrian engineers they've held unique operations rescuing tens of thousands of civilians in Syria. Many objects of world historical legacy, threatened with inevitable destruction, were saved
  • Syrian women enjoy a peaceful summer lunch near the Citadel in Syria’s Aleppo, free of ISIS and Al-Qaeda jihadists. Simply amazing how the people of this ancient city have gone back to their normal everyday lives after 5 brutal years of war & terrorism. (Photos via )
  • Fake news. The OPCW cannot even confirm the alleged chemical gas attack in Douma. It says it found traces of chlorine in samples but ZERO presence of sarin gas or any other organophosphorous nerve agent—a rather crucial element that you conveniently omitted.