Sunday, July 08, 2018

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley

  1. On the other hand, the BBC's Mark Urban may be lying about having met Skripal. So many lies. Hard to keep it all straight. We don't know what they are trying to cover up.
  2. Vladimir Putin, "I'm getting good press from the world cup. Time to poison English people and make a case for war." No, that doesn't make any sense. So you shouldn't believe the BBC or NY Times or Rachel Maddow or whomever else peddles this nonsense.
  3. Woman said to have been exposed to in UK has died. They got better assassins this time around. No need to keep anyone hidden like the Skripals. By the way,
  4. Yes. That is what they are going to do.
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    It was Britain's war on Libya that brought about the reestablishment of slavery in the nation with black people being sold in markets in 2017. Thousands of black people were ethnically cleansed in 2011 by what the Brits referred to as “moderate rebels”.
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    U.K Govt bombed based on "alleged" chemical attack in - now has almost ruled out presence of "chemicals" (except traces of "chlorine" elements) at scene of alleged attack in . Does May stand trial for violation of intl law? Media - tumbleweed?
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    All of this to kill of the Natives. Imagine how psychotic you have to be as a people. This is American history.
  8. Chelsea Clinton loved Croatia. Cuz Russia. That family is the worst.
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    Russia v. Croatia was Trump v. Clinton for a few hours
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    Read on McCarthyite "intelligence analyst" , whose uncorrected lies exemplify the network acting not as a news outlet with "basic journalistic principles," but as "a political arm of the Democratic Party."
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    Russophobia is very profitable these days and everyone is trying to grab a piece of it.
  12. I never heard of this guy Nance before today. I was better off.
  13. The haterade against Russia is intense. So much war propaganda.
  14. It is hard to stand up to the U.S. economic giant. Eventually they will all fall into line. Sadly.
  15. on Saturday, July 21
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    Russian state media runs "gothic satire" about new reported novichok poisonings in Britain. "Skripals' cat taking revenge on Britain"
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    What were some of the "chlorinated compounds" that showed up in the preliminary report on the incident? 1. Dichloroacetic acid: used to disinfect drinking water. 2. Chlorophenol: Used to bleach wood pulp. 3. Triethnalomine: found in cosmetics and personal hygiene.
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    Skripal is said to be Russian informant on Steele's dossier. And let's see now, four Brits associated with dossier in hiding Steele, Halperin, Mifsud and Skripal. Interesting. Then there is the D notice on Pablo Miller. I think the foreign government involved in US election isUK
  19. Kino Jimenez took a MAGA hat after the white kid wearing it repeatedly joked about hanging black people.
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    In contrast to media coverage of nerve agent claims, few US UK headlines now of those claims being proved untrue. Note how BBC says have confirmed was a chlorine attack, whereas OPCW report (para 8.7) states no conclusions yet reached on this
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    "600 Prisoners Stage Interracial Sit-In Against Horrible Conditions" That should be the headline. But instead we get a guard sob story about prisons needing more guards. The press in the US is pathetic.
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    Andrew Wheeler only got the EPA job because the Captain Planet villains are all cartoons
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    initial report finds no evidence of (or any nerve agents) in samples. So much for that story. Is this the news that the incident is meant to distract us from?
  24. This. This is why I want England to lose. Theresa May and Boris Johnson and everyone else making up shit about novichok can fuck off!
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    Translation: She's being held against her will (kidnapped in general parlance) by the UK. Yulia Skripal wants to return to Russia, her cousin says
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    Ed Schultz in April: "There was more oversight and more direction given to me on content at MSNBC than there ever has been here at RT. I think that it's very sad that story is not getting out." 1/
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    July 5, 2018 In the Matter of Stanley L. Cohen, a suspended attorney: Motion is granted, and petitioner is reinstated as an attorney and counselor-at-law in the State of New York, effective the date hereof.
  28. “I do not feel that I acted inappropriately in any way,” says groping Canadian guy.
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    The Anti-Union Janus Ruling Is Going to Hit Black Women the Hardest Miles Kampf-Lassin Right now the public sector unions are the part of the labor movement in which black women have the biggest and loudest voices. So there's that.
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    The UK government’s demand that Russia provide answers over the hospitalisation of a registered heroin addict in is official confirmation of what we’ve suspected for some time. Namely that the Lunatics have taken over the asylum.
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    What’s this D notice on Pablo Miller all about?
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    they never ask why they insist on saying that Sergei Skripal was Russian spy, he was a Russian spying for Britian
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    Here we go again. Right on cue. Amesbury poisoning: Russia 'must explain nerve agent incident'