Sunday, July 08, 2018

How do we stop the stupid?

The Iraq War, this idiot:

now explains, is due to the Democratic Socialists.

She and her Klan rally online are insisting the purist are responsible for 2016.


Because, if you're honest, the purists are responsible -- including the Democratic Socialists -- for 2008.

They are the ones who put Barack Obama into the White House.

They are the ones who originally supported him.

They were there with him from the start.

We can debate whether that's a good or a bad thing but to pretend it doesn't exist is a big lie.

It's a necessary lie for trash like 'just a gurl who can't reason.'

They have to lie.

The lie she and her Klan are pimping from beneath their White sheets is that the purist cost the 2016 election, the 2000 election, the 1980 election and the 1968 election.

There's no proof of any of that.

2000? That election was stolen -- and Al Gore allowed it to be -- by the Surpeme Court.

If these Gore lovers don't shut the f**k up about what a greaty he is, I may have to start outing all of his affairs.

When I outed E online, I only found after the fact that Tipper didn't know about E.  She thought E was her friend.  E wasn't her friend.

Since then, I've been very careful about my remarks re: Al Gore (who, again, in 2000, I voted for, campaigned for, donated money to).

You little bitches don't know him, I'm so sorry.  You have this delusion about him.

You don't know a damn thing about him.

And, yes, he was a Hawk.

So keep it up, keep the lies coming, and I will crush your mini-god Gore regardless of how much it might hurt Tipper.  Because Al cheated.  A lot.  Not just one night stands, but mistresses.  Long running mistresses.  People Tipper thought were her friends.

1980?  Jimmy Carter ran a lousy campaign.  That's before you factor in what he did in his one term as president.  Latinas walked away from him for good reason.  I'm sorry you don't know this but hagiography won't educate you so step away from it.


Purists put Nixon into the White House?

Golly gee, I've heard many conspiracy theories on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, but this is the first time that the leftists purists shot him.

Democrats lost in 1968 because they ran Hubert Humphrey.

Had they run RFK, they would have won.

They could have done that if he was not assassinated.

He was assassinated.

That didn't mean run Hubert.

Why was Hubert running?

LBJ could have run.  He chose not to.  The country had turned on him.

Any rational person, any objective person, should have looked at LBJ's decision and then asked themselves, "If the sitting president is so unpopular that he won't run, what makes us think his Vice President can run and win?"

That was what Hubert was -- an undistinguished Vice President to LBJ.

LBJ was unpopular.

Hubert was unpopular and undistinguished.

Now let's deal with 2004.

John Kerry was not the choice of Democratic Socialists or the far left.

He lost.  He was a pragmatic choice and he lost.

Now the drunken hag from Sweden felt the need to tell me I was one of the purists destroying the party (in an e-mail).

To which I say, after waiving to her with the middle finger, as usual, drunk, you don't know what you're talking about.

A purist wouldn't have voted for the John Kerry ticket in 2004.

Certainly if my own purity motives decided my vote, I wouldn't have voted for the ticket or campaigned for them.

Long before John put John Edwards on the ticket, I'd already pushed Edwards off me.  Mr Grabby Hands had made what someone would call a pass but I'd call an assault.  When I meet with a politician, I don't expect to be mauled.

So don't you dare call me a purity voter.  I voted for John Kerry despite him having John Edwards on the ticket.

As usual, Drunken Hag American hiding in Sweden, you don't know what the f**k you're talking about.

You have no first hand knowledge and you lack any real analytical ability.

In 1984, Walter Mondale -- voted for him, campaigned for him -- was the wrong choice.  He was not of the left.  He was not a purity candidate.  He was a lousy candidate.

So was Michael Dukakis whose p.r. stunt with the tank was only topped by John Kerry wearing that hideous outfit to go wind surfing.  Hint to politicians, if most Americans wouldn't want to see their parents in an outfit, it's one you too should avoid.  No one needed to know the shape of John Kerry's cock.  No one needed to see that flashed.

Drunken Hag insists that D-S and purity people have cost the elections.

To do that, she's selective in what she argues.

The reality is that uninspired candidates shouldn't be candidates.

If someone's been called a racist in a previous election cycle, don't think they can be redeemed later.  Nothing Bernie Sanders did hurt Hillary as much as Barack Obama's 2008 campaign.

I'm sorry Drunken Hag's such an idiot.

I'm sorry she's so grossly uninformed.

Bill Moyers and many, many others made it their point to destroy Hillary in 2008.  That wasn't by accident, it was an active choice.

It was stupid to run her in 2016 when she had done nothing to instill goodwill.  Yes, she had a photo op appointment as Secretary of State.

No, that does not wash away all the trash thrown at her in 2008.

And you ridiculous liars, you're going to make me do the work again, the work you're too damn lazy to do.  Ava and I were hoping not to write a piece this week but now we're going to have to because you're idiots who try to rewrite history.

We have the Iraq War because of idiots like you.  Stupid asses, all of you.  You're the ones who moaned about Al Franken stepping down.  That would be the same Al Franken who was part of Eric Alterman's salon that argued to Dems in Congress to support the Iraq War to ensure their own re-election.

Instead of trashing purity people, Drunken Hag might want to focus on the whores but that would probably mean focusing on herself.  I get why she can't do that.