Saturday, July 14, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

  1. stop telling me that Putin poisons spies he already got rid of and right before the world cup and then poisons more people and is about to invade fill in the blank?
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    Trump demands Germans stop buying gas from Russia, insists they buy their gas from US, criticizes NATO members for not paying enough for their defense. How do liberals respond? "OMG! Trump is carrying out Putin's agenda!" Yep, Putin's agenda is to sell as little gas as possible.
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    are political theatre at its most obvious - they go out of their way to make sure no citizens are in any way implicated because they need to avoid a trial because they have literally no evidence. Empty gesture designed to undermine
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    Nice of you to stand up for the Russia narrative everyone knows is bulls**t instead of your own supporters who poured $250 million into the rigged primary you ran in. I didn't know the "political revolution" would be attained by capitulating & doing dirty work for our tormentors.
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    I don't know much about the party but I just came across a video on youtube of members of the Palestinian Communist Party dancing a Palestinian folk dance in front of the biggest Syrian flag I've seen and honestly mood
  7. I carry a bottle of everywhere. Don't we all? (Sarcasm.)
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    I remember the days before these 12 Russian hackers ruined America by hacking into Hillary's brain to make her lose against a deranged clown. What a civilized country America was. What a peaceful nation without racism, sexism, corruption and 24/7 state propaganda. Damn you Putin!
  9. And the war went on for 10 more bloody months. The achievements of the Red Army should not be forgotten.
  10. Friday is not the day that big indictments are announced. Unless of course you want to discredit a meeting with the Russian president.
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    "Inside, Outside, All On the Same Side: Round Table." We talked with members of about the upcoming prison strike starting on , the prisoners demands, and the continuing escalation of action against prison slavery in the US.
  12. Robert Mueller on Iraq War and WMD's via Remember Mueller and Iraq WMDs? He knew he was lying. Too ashamed to look up from his notes.
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    I’m one of a relatively small number of journalists who communicated with Guccifer 2.0. I’ve discussed this publicly a number of times for over year. I’ve never been contacted by the FBI or anyone on Mueller’s Team. Not particularly impressed by the thoroughness yet.
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    My initial take: I see a lot of specifics in the indictment of 12 Russians including names, addresses, method but at first glance it seems like smoke and mirrors from Mueller. I wonder how much of a role, if any, played in this vs independent FBI investigation.
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    Conveniently, the new Mueller indictment is once again heavy on assertion, light on tangible evidence. And because the indictees are mysterious foreign adversaries, the purported evidence can be concealed in perpetuity on "national security" grounds
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    This Susan Rice op-ed really demonstrates how "anti-Trump" liberal foreign policy types are mostly just pro-empire: fairly hawkish on Russia, super antagonistic toward Iran, and completely opposed to troop withdrawals anywhere
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    Do Not Move Off The Sidewalk Challenge: Holding Your Space in A White World
  18. Why I hate cops and prosecutors.
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    We 100% KNOW that the Russians did NOT hack the DNC servers. How do we know? Because Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to allow James Comey's FBI access to the servers to perform a forensics examination & Comey didn't subpoena the servers for FBI analysis. 12 Russians
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    Replying to 
    Just substitute "Saddam" for "Putin" to get an idea of just how cracked-up that shit is. They even use the same kind of language -- like "useful idiot". As far as THAT goes, i'd rather be a "useful idiot" than an American Idiot.