Sunday, July 29, 2018

Margaret Kimberley on Shaun King's f**kery and other things

  1. Syria is a sovereign nation and the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Qatar had no right to send terrorists to destroy it. Syria had the right to ask for help. Enjoy the cartoon. (Ignore the male voices trying to sound female.)
  2. "Observing the boarding gate area from afar" can get you placed on a federal air marshal surveillance program called Quiet Skies.
  3. Bombshell: 2016 Stolen — But NOT By Russia! One more time, the republicans hacked the 2016 election and stole it for Trump.
  4. Great meme from
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    Hopefully just poorly crafted if not you've forgotten you're just learning 2 walk. Try not 2 run 2 voters of Kansas while you leave those in the Bronx & Queens in the dust. "Weak on crime" & " weak on national security" & "weak on family values ". Dump your political shills.
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    Because"greedy billionaires control elections" would actually clue people into the fact that the whole damn system is an exploitative oligarchy. Whereas "evil outside influence trying to divide us" is pretext to scapegoat any "agitators" as enemies of the state.
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    Why aren’t more people talking about how greedy billionaire Robert Mercer tilted the election to Trump? He funded BOTH Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart AND his intentions are probably more sinister than Russia’s
  8. There is no privacy on social media.
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    Liberalism is ideologically bankrupt, that is clear. But it is being given extended life as a result of its penetration into what use to be called the left. Ocasio-Cortez calls out the GOP for being "weak on crime" & "national security." She thinks this is being sophisticated.
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    Occupy then: - Hold Wall Street accountable - Get money out of politics - Empower underserved communities - Solidarity with labor - Tax corporations and the rich - Oppose neoliberalism Occupy now: - Organized by neoliberals - Russia! - “Rachel Maddow!” - Happy birthday, FBI!
  11. Read the whole thread. The saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. chanting Rachel Maddiow’s name, making homophobic comments about Trump and Putin, and praising FBI and Secret Service.
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    Shaun King is an op agent and cannot be trusted!! He’s not actually one to challenge the hegemonic structures placed by white supremacy; he honestly seems to defend and uphold them!!
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    These Democratic Centrist talking points... “weak on crime”. This language is like a 90’s campaign circular for a local election.
  14. No worries. We always have the web archive way back machine to help us out. We can read this embarrassing foolishness for ourselves.
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    Predictions that Trump will eventually end up talking to Iran as he has with N Korea miss the fact that there's an entire industry in DC, backed by major GOP donors and regional clients, invested in conflict with Iran. Nothing similar with NK.
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    "Weak on crime" is the last refuge of the tool and the fool. Anyone who says that is utterly clueless.
  17. “Weak on crime???” Berniecrat advisers are making look like a fool. First they removed her peace platform (it would have disappeared forever if she hadn’t been called on it) now she sounds like every republican who ever ran for office since the 60s.
  18. Weak on crime? Weak on national security? Girl, bye!
  19. Please subscribe to Hella Black Pod on youtube.
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    The that crushed the liberation movement is now viewed favorably in the mistaken belief that the enemy of Trump must be a friend.
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    Ford did a great job of pointing out the internal contradictions of lib support for Russisgate. Collaboration to protect careers, etc is nothing new, but this whole hearted embrace by libs of “resistance” from the right is...idk, weird.
  22. Black Agenda Report isn’t alone in calling out Shaun King f**kery. Check out Charlie Peach. She isn’t playing either. Black people praising the FBI must be named and shamed.
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    Shaun King is a fraud & opportunist. Profiting off of others work. Serving the very establishment that is killing us. There are questions as to where the money from his various "orgs" went. This shill pushed Hillary while shaming those who knew better. Can't be trusted.
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    I've called him out long time ago when I've noticed his behavior on twitter when it comes to Trump/Russia. A shill for CIA, MSM and corporate oligarchy that owns both parties. Waiting for him to call BLM a Putin plot to divide America.
  25. Please read this thread. Black Agenda Report used Shaun King’s own words to call him out. His response was lame and black Twitter came after him. This thread made my day.
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    We are, alas, vassals of the Empire, Margaret, and many of us are not happy about it. White Helmets in, sketchy DNA out.
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    Not only is Shaun King all in with the FBI and CIA, he’s been a vocal supporter and set up a PAC to elect district attorneys.
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    When you collaborate with the state or push a political line cooked up the corrupt liberal establishment, you get called out by Black Agenda Report no matter who you are:
  29. I'm sure that will get a kick out of that.