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War Propaganda and the Trump/Putin Summit
The relentless hue and cry denouncing the recent Trump/Putin summit meeting largelyUS intervened to get Yeltsin elected emanates from the so-called liberal establishment, the Democratic Party, and their partners in the corporate media.  The Democrats hope to reverse electoral losses by vilifying Trump while simultaneously, once again, proving to be incapable of advancing critical policies that the people need and want.  Many progressive people who claim to oppose Trump and his policies, are themselves shamefully supporting NATO and more aggressive policies and sanctions against North Korea and Russia. They express support for the “professional” FBI that has been responsible for COINTELPRO attacks on the Black movement and the left and the intelligence agencies that spy on everyone and engage in assassinations, war, and regime change.  Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI for 12 years, is falsely promoted as a hero and a possible savior of a non-existent democracy.[read more]

Upcoming Antiwar Actions

Stop Trump's Military Parade planned for November 10, 2018

At a time when the United States’ military budget is growing, now constituting 57% of our federal discretionary spending, programs for domestic needs such as food, education, housing and health care are being cut and US militarization is infecting most of the countries of the world, our schools and our communities, President Trump plans to spend more than $30 million dollars to parade tanks and weapons through the streets of Washington, DC on Veteran’s Day weekend this November. While it is President Trump who is calling for the parade, both major political parties are responsible for escalating US militarization and aggression throughout the world. Members of Congress voted nearly unanimously to give the Pentagon $70 billion more than requested in the current budget and are complicit in antagonizing Russia, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

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Women's March on the Pentagon
Called by Cindy Sheehan and others. UNAC is also a sponsor
October 20 - 21, 2018, Washington, DC
In response to the continuing march of military aggression by the USA and to put an antiwar agenda back on the table of activists, we are calling for a Women's (and allies) March on the Pentagon tentatively set for the 51st anniversary of the 1967 big antiwar event in DC and subsequent march on the Pentagon that had 50,000 people....
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First International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases
November 16-18, 2018, Dublin, Ireland
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Dear Friends of Peace Around the World,

We are deeply concerned, and frightened, by the threat of war that permeates the present Global atmosphere. The increasingly aggressive and expansionist actions of US/NATO forces in violation of international law and the sovereign rights of all nations, the raging wars in the Middle East, the burgeoning arms race devastating the national treasuries, the bellicose language replacing diplomatic negotiations, the economic crises facing country after country, and the destruction of the global environment through war and unfettered exploitation, and their impact on public health, have all created crises that, unless checked by popular opposition, can lead to unimaginable catastrophe and war [read more]

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        Reports from the Summer European Protests and Conferences
Phil Wilayto a Ramstein base gate           Anti-NATO protest in Brussels
From June 26 through July 18, Administrative Committee member Phil Wilayto represented UNAC during a five-country tour of Western Europe, including an anti-drone conference and protest at the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany and a protest and two anti-NATO conferences in Brussels, Belgium. He also had meetings with activists from Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, England and Sweden to discuss building the international solidarity movement with the families of victims of fascist violence in Odessa, Ukraine. During the trip he sent back four reports, which you can read below. Together they help explain the role the U.S. and NATO are playing in Europe, particularly in relation to Russia, as well as offering some insights into the European peace movement.  

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