Saturday, August 04, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

  • Yeah. Dropping over 100,000 bombs on 7 countries throughout his 8-year presidency, arming jihadists all across the Middle East and turning Libya into a war-torn, failed state now run by slave-selling terrorists must have taken lots of grace, class & elegance.

  • Beautiful news: Japan says it wants to help demine, restore and rebuild schools and hospitals in Syria. Thank you Japan.
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    LIVE NOW: Come one come all :) 50 hours of solidarity for Julian, kicking off now!
  • A massive concert was held in Syria’s liberated Aleppo. A beautiful sight you would have never seen under John McCain’s Al-Qaeda “rebels”.

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    Russiagate is like a mirage. It looks so real from a distance you'll swear it's there and mock anyone who says otherwise, but once you get up close and examine its component parts you find it's made of nothing but innuendo, spin, unsubstantiated claims and dishonest omissions.
  • At least 55 civilians were killed, including children and women, in Saudi Arabia’s bombing of a hospital & a fish market in Yemen’s Hodeidah. And this barbaric regime, which enjoys full UK-US support, still sits on the UN Human Rights Council. Sick joke.
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    Never compromise on fundamental ethics. Never. Be honorable and never read anything in the
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    Bring on the public interrogations. Can't wait to find out who was financing, supporting and arming them.

  • If only you adopted such antiwar fervor and denounced Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen when you were Obama’s UN Ambassador. After all, he’s the one who approved the war on Yemen 3 years ago in the first place.

  • Says the woman who separated hundreds of thousands of children from their parents forever by arming jihadists that terrorized innocents and killed entire families in Libya and Syria.

  • Saudi Arabia bombed a fish market & a hospital in Yemen’s Hodeidah today, killing 52 civilians & wounding 102 others. Where are all the “human rights champions” who shed crocodile tears after false gas attack claims in Syria? Where is the global outrage?
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    Obama and Hillary should be forced to look at this while wearing hair-shirts. This is what they sent their crazed jihadists to destroy. Shame!

  • Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh: Syria’s Assad is fighting a “just war” to prevent a jihadist takeover and “the imposition of Sharia law”.
  • From Syria’s Aleppo, where terrorism was defeated and Syrian children can go back to enjoying their summer in peace.

  • Unlike most mainstream media reporters who keep regurgitating the same lies about Syria, British journalist Robert Fisk actually went to Aleppo and uncovered stockpiles of weapons from the US, NATO and Saudi Arabia that wound up in the hands of jihadists.