Saturday, August 04, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

  1. Vigil for Julian Assange, Obama as a Syrian cartoon character, Black Agenda Radio and more. Please read my little blog.
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    Shaun King calls Black Agenda Report a Russia supported site. These are the kinds of Negros that get propped up. Not only is he not reading the leading black radical site in the country but joins the Washington Post and the state to trash it. Wow, what a simple-minded Negro.
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  4. Some of my remarks during the vigil for Julian Assange.
  5. Margaret Kimberley, , speaking about Julian Assange.
  6. Yours truly talking about Julian Assange.
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    You are an inspiration. Thank you for honouring us and Julian with your presence and support
  8. Yours truly taking about Julian Assange and democracy, real democracy.
  9. Here I am speaking on . Justice for Julian Assange! So proud to participate.
  10. 3.0 Online Vigil for Julian Assange via I’ll be on shortly. Justice for Julian Assange!
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    fake FB profiles youve probably never heard about: Memphis police set up accounts to spy on BLM. Also very common among the FBI () & reports from 2010 (, ) the Pentagon has a network of online personas as well
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    SERIOUS ELECTION • Purging voter rolls • Obstructing voters • Tampering with voting machines • & other legalized bribery NOT SERIOUS MEDDLING • Posting erratic messages on Facebook MEDDLING THAT'S REALLY A PUBLIC SERVICE • Exposing a rigged nomination
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    “Trump supposedly won the state of Michigan by a 10,000 vote margin, but more than 75,000 votes cast in majority black cities Flint and Detroit went uncounted because of ‘malfunctioning’ voting machines.” — Margaret Kimberley of
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    Oh man. accusing GOP of being "weak on crime" and "weak on national security" is a very, very bad sign. Those are far-Right fascist buzzwords. Has she been co-opted already?
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    Freedom Rider: Blacks Need To Stop Calling the Enemy “We” and “Us” by Margaret Kimberley RussiaGate has made Blacks lose their minds? Since when have the FBI, the CIA and European governments been friends of Black people anywhere on the planet?
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    High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Not by Trump but Obama and Democrats by Ajamu Baraka Democrats and liberals have aligned with the FBI, the CIA and elements of the ruling class to provoke war with Russia, and possibly China, in order to bring down Trump.
  17. Dear God, If you don’t do something about crooked preachers praising Trump you make the case for atheism. Can’t you strike them down or curse them or something?
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    it’s like nobody remembers the Zuckerberg-Newark schools fiasco...
  19. Re:Lebron James The state of Ohio is supposed to fund its public schools. Otherwise they aren’t public.
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    Good old-fashioned Web sites, content "mirroring", blogs, email lists -- basically, anything that doesn't involve Facebook. Time to go back and kick it old-skool.
  21. Great read from ⁦Glen Ford⁩ in this week’s Black Agenda Report. We must organize outside of the confines of social media. ⁦⁩ ⁦
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    That is what makes the hacked elections claim so absurd. All the voting machines that could be hacked and compromised are the electronic machines that leave no paper trail in GOP states! Dismal Dollar Doofus Democrats
  23. Republicans colluded to steal black peoples’ votes in 2016. hoax covers up the real crime. Dems are silent as their most loyal constituents lose their rights.
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    Glad to know others have perceived the most likely scenario. Propaganda deluge hasn’t drowned us all.
  25. Aida Touma-Sliman is a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset. She will be speaking about Israel's new Jewish nation state law in NYC on August 18, Woodbridge CT on August 19 and Montclair NJ on August 20 .
  26. Hillary Clinton likely won the popular and electoral vote. The election was stolen the old fashioned way. Republicans purge black voters from the rolls, throw away their votes and use vote stealing technology. Russiagate covers up the real crime which democrats say nothing about.
  27. I've been a Stephen F. Cohen fan for several years now. You late comers must get to the back of the line.