Friday, January 18, 2019

Some Tweets from Sharyl Attkisson

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    Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for govt. computer intrusions. RT this to tell to stop using your tax $ to protect the guilty parties. For more info:
  • If the pharmaceutical industry will not end its greed, which is literally killing Americans, then we will end it for them.
  • Thanks peter
  • Was there an asbestos cover up at a VA center? Sunday —
  • Watch Sunday !
  • Dr. Andrew Zimmerman's full Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that he says U.S. govt. covered up
  • *Read my story in about the pro-vaccine doctor’s allegations of govt misrepresentation on vaccines and autism.
  • ICYMI: Pro-vaccine expert witness for govt says vaccines can cause autism in exceptional cases after all—claims govt misrepresented his findings to debunk vaccine-autism claims.
  • Pro-vaccine Dr. Zimmerman again reiterates info from his sworn affidavit re: vaccines and autism as reported by — amid other media mischaracterization.
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  • CDC head of immunization safety also says "theoretical possibility" that vaccines trigger autism in susceptible children. (AUDIO)
  • Your reading comprehension skills and logic just broke twitter.
  • More later y'all. Thanks for the dialog; even from the astroturfers and propagandists. It keeps it-- interesting!
  • awwwww
  • I quoted a pro-vaccine scientist the govt used as its expert who says vaccines can cause autism after all. If that's your idea of "spin," so be it. As for your use of "conspiracy theory"-- that's also covered in my book The Smear.
  • It's always fun to see the attempt in action. From my 2014 book "Stonewalled." (Thanks to for providing the example.) ;)
  • Yes --and been called worse lol
  • Usually means we're hovering over the target, I find.
  • But as I wrote in The Smear, the predictable propagandist tends to attack the reporter or person rather than debate the facts. (Here is Dr. Zimmerman's affidavit for anyone who'd like to catch up and decide based on the facts.)
  • Fortunately, ppl can make up their own mind as to whether a story on a pro-vaccine scientist who says vaccines can cause autism in exceptional cases is an example of "being a right-wing kook" or "anti-vaxxer." Seems your argument is with the facts; not me.
  • ICYMI: Sinclair's Full Measure widely praised for report on govt. pro-vaccine medical expert saying vaccines can cause autism, after all in "exceptional" cases; he claims govt. hid and misrepresented his opinion.
  • Coming up Sunday:
  • Lawsuit hearing date approaches in Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for government computer intrusions.
  • Has Spying Compromised the Separation of Powers and Liberty?