Sunday, February 03, 2019

Iraq's biggest problem currently?

In Iraq, 3 factors are helping the Islamic State: 1. Attacks against the government are increasing. 2. The Iraqi government has not addressed rising instability. 3. Iran-backed Shia militias are exacerbating Shia-Sunni tensions. Read the report here:

Are those the three?

I'd argue there's just one right now: Adil Adel-Mahdi.

The prime minister who can't find a Minister of Defense or a Minister of Interior for his Cabinet.

A prime minister who can't do a thing to stop corruption -- whose promise to address corruption in his first 100 days has already failed.

A prime minister who thought threatening to quit as prime minister (back in November) would shock the Parliament into action but was only surprised to find out that they're perfectly fine with him resigning.

He's a do-nothing who, like those before him, shouldn't have been installed by the United States.

Iraqis have every right to determine their leader.  If the US will not let them do so under the current Constitution (written in 2005), it's time for them to toss that one aside and write a new one.

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