Saturday, February 09, 2019

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    No fear. We will not be intimidated into silence.
  • Very troubling. Clouds of tear gas engulf Russia’s Moscow today. Oh no wait... That’s actually Paris, France. Nothing to see here, move along 🤗
  • Macron wants to meddle in the internal affairs of other sovereign countries like Venezuela, and lecture them about “freedom and democracy”, while he continues to brutally repress the at home. Sickening hypocrisy on full display.
  • Tens of thousands of protesters march across France today for the 13th weekend in a row. This isn’t taking place in Russia, Syria, or even Venezuela, which means most mainstream media outlets won’t be paying too much attention.
  • Tulsi Gabbard: Regime change wars have cost Americans trillions since 9/11. Every dollar that we spend on these interventions is money taken out of our pockets — money that should be used to address the very urgent needs of our people right here at home.
  • Widespread protests have raged in France for more than 3 months now. Where are the calls for sanctions and the demand for Macron to step down? Or is that only reserved for protests in Venezuela because someone wants its oil? 🤔
  • Meanwhile, head-chopping Al-Qaeda jihadists, who Syria’s secular goverment has been fighting on behalf of the whole world for the last 8 years, didn’t seem to be of any concern to the panelists smearing Tulsi Gabbard for her stance against regime change wars. Odd. 🤔
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    NBC and MSNBC are going to spend the next 20 months recklessly accusing any person with a prominent platform who is adverse to the establishment wing of the Democratic Party of being linked to the Kremlin. It's all they know how to do. It's a script & a tactic: a very ugly one:
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    The only presidential candidate who is speaking logically and honestly about the United States’ disastrous foreign policy in Syria is a veteran who is now being ridiculed by mainstream media talking heads who have no idea what it is like to fight in a war...
  • Macron is throwing a tantrum over Italy meeting with the protesters. This is the same man who thinks he has the right to interfere in the sovereign affairs of Libya, Syria and now Venezuela. Mind-blowing hypocrisy.
  • Rand Paul: “If you ask me who’s the worst at spreading hatred and trying to engender terrorism around the world, it’s Saudi Arabia hands down.”
  • Tulsi Gabbard: We’re strengthening groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria with American taxpayer dollars.
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    . Syria/Assad did not attack us on 9/11, killing thousands of Americans — al-Qaeda did. No Authorization to Use Military Force has ever passed Congress to go to war against Syria. If US topples Assad, Al-Qaeda/ISIS will take over. Why do you prefer them to Assad?
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    If you are wondering why US media has been relatively quiet about the general strike in France today, it's because their corporate masters don't want you getting any ideas, of course. Look at all those "Russian trolls" taking to the streets of Paris! ⬇️
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    We heard attacks from warmongers in politics/media before. Those opposed to Iraq/Libya/Syria regime change wars are called “dicatator-lovers” or “cozy” with evil regimes. Rather than defend their position, they resort to name-calling & smears. American people wont fall for this.
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    Stay strong Tulsi Gabbard; you may feel very alone on panels like this, but you hold the truth and clarity of thought, whilst others seek to confuse the real issue by seeking to put unnecessary labels on things…
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  • Big salute to Italy for refusing to recognize Juan Guaido as the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, warning that it cannot accept this gross interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, nor does it want another Libya, this time in Latin America.
  • Tulsi Gabbard: “Assad is not the enemy of the United States because Syria does not pose a direct threat to the United States.”
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    Replying to   and 
    The idea that were victims of Sykes-Picot dividing their country "Kurdistan" up between Turkey, Iraq, & Iran, is Propaganda. It's just another lie we've been fed repeatedly. The reality is far more complex as it always is in the middle east. Here's the short version
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    The root cause of mass immigration on our southern border is our history of US military intervention in Latin America that left countries destroyed. Before we talk about a wall, we need to end our ongoing threats of intervention - this time in Venezuela.
  • Tear gas rains down on Paris as tens of thousands of French unionists and protesters rally together in France today. But Macron wants us to believe it’s all nothing but a big Russian conspiracy.
  • The gall of Macron to lecture Venezuela about “human rights”, “freedom” and “democracy” while his own police are gloating about shooting unarmed protesters on the streets of France.
  • Bombshell story: Just like the case was with Syria, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have given all sorts of American-made weapons, including TOW missiles, to Al-Qaeda terrorists and other jihadist groups in Yemen.