Sunday, February 03, 2019

Some Tweets from Sharyl Attkisson

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    (AUDIO) Another excerpt from oral arguments: Attkisson v. DOJ FBI for govt. computer intrusions. RT if you think shd stop spending taxpayer $ defending the computer intruders.
  • Metal spinning is absolutely mesmerizing.
  • In internal correspondence beginning in 2014, Purdue Pharma executives discussed how the sale of opioids and the treatment of opioid addiction are “naturally linked” and that the company should expand across “the pain and addiction spectrum.”
  • The Origins of The Swamp & More.
  • The Matrix. Nothing short of incredible! @Joceinthenews
  • Virginia's governor is making things:
  • He argues (satirically) that The Swamp should not only be saved, but expanded.
  • I think this is an incredible story about how to slash health care costs. (Is it just me?)
  • everybody has their special blanket 😍 📹: henry_is_golden
  • Incredibly simple. But it takes guts and standing up to insurance and hospital industries. Don't miss Sunday's
  • Guilty until proven innocent? My latest in The Hill.
  • Watch tomorrow (Sunday). We won’t waste your time rehashing news you’ve already heard all week. The Matrix
  • (AUDIO) Attkisson v DOJ FBI: 1 appellate judge responding to which argues we shouldn't get discovery because we don't know names yet of govt. "John Doe" intruders. "It seems as though the govt has played this pretty well..." Full hearing:
  • I’m not short. They’re tall.
  • What is this and why it keep following me!? 📹: cali.thegoldenpup
  • According to a recent study, an impact that took place roughly 4 billion years ago may have been responsible for sending the Earth’s oldest sample of rock to the Moon, where it was retrieved by the Apollo 14 astronauts. |