Saturday, February 09, 2019

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

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    Augustus Saint Gaudens was officially contracted to create the Shaw Memorial in 1884, but he wasn't the 1st artist approached William Wetmore Story was selected at the recommendation of Charles Sumner He began coming up with ideas for the Memorial in 1865 (1/3)
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    Funny how when a white dude kills somebody they use a nice photo for the story but when a white dude does this they use the mugshot
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    Massive rallies for Maduro held in Venezuela, ignored by war-mongering corporate media
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    As always the Democrats fully behind the Republicans when it comes to imperialist aggression
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    Replying to 
    Facebook built a ridiculously giant compound of buildings here in Oregon about 10 years ago. They promised jobs and money spent on the local economy. None of that happened, they outsourced all the construction and materials, and all tax free. Probably polluting all the water.
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    Hey has anyone heard anything about the ending of the war in Afghanistan? I wonder why. You think it might because it reflects yet another lost in the midst of a bipartisan commitment to continue throwing obscene amounts of money to the pentagon?
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    The people of the world don't believe the BS they're selling us on Venezuela! Join us March 30 in DC to demand and . We will not sit silent as the US and its allies attempt to destroy yet another country for its resources.
  8. Dear Amazon, Don’t let the door hit you. Sincerely, New York
  9. was always a racist but against her own people. But when she said Hitler was “ok”, whatever she meant, she got more scrutiny. She is a bigoted, self-hating, opportunistic, idiot. But that was true before her words made the news. Hopefully she’ll disappear.
  10. “Russophobia is anti-Semitism for respectable people.” George Szamuely
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    Here's a string of video clips of my tossing out questions at Elliott Abrams yesterday. Unfortunately, the audio, esp at the beginning, when I ask about his criminal record, is very poor.
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    .’s ahistorical irony is off the charts: the US is not only a plutocracy on its own (not “Russian-style” “infiltration”), but it also sparked Russia’s 90s plunder by propping up Yeltsin & imposing radical privatization - aka “American values”:
  13. Democrats are the McCarthyites and they’re doing more damage than the 1950s witch hunters.
  14. Hezbollah in Venezuela? Are they going to bring Colin Powell out of retirement to push this BS? He’ll be at the UN showing photos of trucks and claim Hezbollah are hiding inside.