Sunday, February 03, 2019

Some Tweets from Abby Martin

  1. The great puts journalists to shame for their bullshit coverage of Venezuela with hilarious segment debunking their propaganda
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    Very honored to be on my favorite podcast.

  3. I joined Al Jazeera's to discuss the US-backed coup in Venezuela & pro-war corporate media's absurdly biased coverage of the crisis
  4. Why is Juan Guaidó more concerned with winning over US public opinion than Venezuela?

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    Stop saying Venezuela’s elections are rigged. The Maduro gov’t welcomes all independent observers, even requested the UN. It’s the opposition that doesn’t want the election observers. If they’re really rigged, wouldn’t they want the UN to prove it?
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    Our piece this week on - crisis and the geopolitics of news narratives. With commentary from and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera.
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    Both Reuters and The Economist have changed their header images to photos of Juan Guaidó, the US’s pawn in Venezuela. They’ve abandoned any pretense of non-bias and are serving as regime change propaganda outlets.

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    President proposes fresh parliamentary elections as route out of the ongoing coup attempt.
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    Chavistas waved the national flag at their rally today in Caracas Supporters of Juan Guaido also gathered in Caracas, though displayed the US flag from a large screen.

  10. The Venezuelans you’re not allowed to see or hear, today in Caracas standing against the coup!

  11. How many western news outlets showed the massive marches in Venezuela protesting the US-backed coup today?
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    While pro-coup Venezuelans & right-wing exiles dominate the media sphere, tech companies are actively censoring pro-government accounts they say are working to "influence" people

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    War danger is very real. Bolton threatens to send Maduro to US torture house Guantanamo if he doesn't resign in insane, unhinged interview where he claims Russian & Cuban agents are in Venezuela assassinating peaceful protesters on behalf of the government
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    If you missed & 's AMA about Venezuela, Empire Files and more, check out all the answers here!
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    Important national action against the US war on Venezuela! Buses will be leaving from around the country, and volunteers are needed. Great way to get involved in a nationwide effort to say ! Sign-up, endorse, and get involved here: