Sunday, June 02, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

  • Join me in Nashua, New Hampshire on Tuesday, June 4!
  • On , I discuss the difference between moral outrage and anger, getting money out of politics, and why I want to establish a U.S. Department of Peace. Take a listen here:
  • Every American deserves to live free from fear of discrimination, regardless of who they are and whom they love.
  • America can either behave responsibly toward our common good, or we can acquiesce to the economic tyranny of gun manufacturers too willing to put profits before the well-being of our citizens. We cannot do both. My statement on today’s horrific shooting:
  • It was an honor to be interviewed on Pod Save America.
  • As President, I would do everything possible, everything possible to shore up a women’s right to choose. I do think abortion is a moral issue, but it is a private moral issue and I don’t think the government should have anything to do with a woman’s decision of what to do.
  • Foreign policy based on cowboy militarism is both reckless and dangerous. Our policies both domestic and international should display the deepest seriousness, sobriety, wisdom and love.
  • The influence of money on our politics is so extraordinary that for all intents and purposes our government behaves more like it’s supporting an aristocracy than a democracy.
  • The military-industrial-complex is doing what it always does. It’s simply at it again. The question is, will we let them get away with it this time? Eisenhower warned us, we have not always listened, and it is urgent that we listen now.
  • Thank you you're an inspiration to many! "I knew that I wanted to write something that was concrete & practical, the same way I got things from Malcolm X’s Autobiography or Return to Love from Marianne Williamson. These books shook me & shaped me.”
  • If I am given the authority, I will use the full powers of the presidency to advocate for things women care about. Learn more here:
  • As long as there is a dearth of women in positions of political power, this chronic tilting of American priorities toward short-term economic interests as opposed to humanitarian values is inevitable.