Thursday, June 06, 2019

South Central Michigan Greens to Meet 1-3pm Saturday, June 15 at Jackson Coffee Company

South Central Michigan Greens
Calhoun, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties Local
Peace, People, and Planet Over Profit


For more information:
Monika Dittmann Schwab, Local Contact/SCMiGreens

South Central Michigan Greens to Meet 1-3pm
Saturday, June 15 at Jackson Coffee Company


The South Central Michigan Greens local will hold its monthly meeting 
1-3pm on Saturday, June 15 at the downtown Jackson Coffee Company (201 
South Mechanic Street in Jackson).

The meeting is an event on Facebook:

The local serves Jackson, Calhoun, and Hillsdale Counties.  But anyone 
who supports the Green Party platform of Peace, Planet, and People Over 
Profit -- or wants to find out about the #realDeal, the Green Party's 
decade-old original version of the Green New Deal -- is welcome to attend.

Local activists with Citizens to Keep Rives Rural will head the agenda, 
talking about their battle against a proposed 1,800-megawatt natural-gas 
merchant power plant threatening to take over 200 acres of agricultural 
land in Rives Township.  A Planning Commission meeting has been quietly 
scheduled for the 24th.

The plant would not be a public utility -- or potential price-reducing 
competition for existing utilities; its electricity would be wholesaled 
to the grid, possibly for export out of the state or even the country. 
It would become a major polluter and a major consumer of fresh water in 
the area, with minor impacts at most on area employment.

Another issue is the two anti-choice ballot petitions expected to be 
circulating soon, and what can be done about them.  Plans for area 
actions over the summer, including this fall's Labor History Walk in 
Marshall (tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 7 during the 
city's Historic Home Tour), will also be discussed.

Organizational business includes consideration of a general revision of 
local by-laws and possible election of some local officers, plus a 
report on the Green Party of Michigan's upcoming Statewide Membership 
Meeting at the Tribal Operations Building, 7070 East Broadway Road in 
Mount Pleasant, on Saturday, June 29.

The Website of Citizens to Keep Rives Rural has details about the 
pollution of the proposed plant and upcoming meetings about it.

A map of the location for the local meeting is available here.

For more details and news about the local, please visit its Facebook page.


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