Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Krista notes Eve Ensler for Women's History Month

Krista: I would like to note Eve Ensler. Ensler is rightly famous for The Vagina Monologues but that's not all she's written and that's not all she's done. Her organization V-Day has pursued a number of topics including the deaths and disappearences of women in Juarez which is how I first learned of the organization.

This is from V-Day's website:

Ms. Ensler has devoted her life to stopping violence, envisioning a planet in which women and girls will be free to thrive, rather than merely survive. The Vagina Monologues is based on Ensler's interviews with more than 200 women. With humor and grace the piece celebrates womens' sexuality and strength.Today, V-Day is a global movement that supports anti-violence organizations throughout the world, helping them to continue and expand their core work on the ground, while drawing public attention to the larger fight to stop worldwide violence (including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), sexual slavery) against women and girls. V-Day exists for no other reason than to stop violence against women. In just seven years, it has raised over $25 million and was named one of Worth magazine's "100 Best Charities" in 2001. V-Day stages large-scale benefits and produces innovative gatherings, films, and programs to educate and change social attitudes regarding violence against women. These include the 2004 documentary Until The Violence Stops; community briefings with Amnesty International on the missing and murdered women of Juarez, Mexico; the December 2002 V-Day delegation trip to Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan; the Afghan Women's Summit; the Stop Rape Contest; and the Indian Country Project.

I would really enjoy it if next month V-Day could be added to the list of links.

[Note: Post corrected to add link.]