Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday morning note

On the minus side, there was no post for Women's History Month last night. On the plus side, there's a fairly long entry that's almost completed (on another topic). For the second time I'm aware of, I've fallen asleep at the computer while working on an entry. (Second time I'm aware of, though they may all read like I was asleep when I wrote them.)

This being Saturday, I will be busy reading drafts and offering input to The Third Estate Sunday Review. But there will be a post featuring your comments and some of my own going up later tonight because it's already at least half or two-thirds written.

There's also no reason we shouldn't be able to have two Women's History entries/notes today.
We already have one from a member (Gina's -- which I intended to post after I finished the entry and before I went to sleep) [for newer members; we operate here under my selfish belief that the day doesn't end until I say so -- seriously, were you to read my journals, for instance, you'd see that a 2:00 a.m. of a Tuesday morning entry would be labeled Monday because I hadn't yet gone to bed and that attitude's been carried over to this site by me]. So if we don't already have an entry sent in by a member ( and another doesn't arrive by this evening, we'll have Gina's and something I put together.

My apologies to Gina (when I posted the thing on Amy Goodman -- speaking in Miami, Florida this Sunday -- I saw we were already on Saturday and could have quickly copy and pasted Gina's entry then).

Other than Ava, I haven't been in contact with anyone at The Third Estate regarding the edition they'll be putting out this Sunday so I'm unaware of how far along they may or may not already be. This may be a scramble day or it may be something else.

(Disclosure for those who have doubted that I'm not watching TV. I watched Reba two Fridays ago to help with an TV entry and this past Wednesday I was watching Smallville -- almost called it Lois & Clark -- while speaking with Ava since that will be the subject of the TV review coming up on Sunday at their site. I have no problem watching TV if there's something worth watching -- that doesn't mean educational, it means something well done -- but I wouldn't have watched either show were it not to help with the TV reviews. I did catch the thing on the women's movement on PBS -- that might have been Independent Voices -- due to a friend calling and telling me to turn on PBS. In the evenings, I'm listening to Janeane Garofalo and The Majority Report more often than not -- Laura Flanders on the weekend -- or music.)

Last time I fell asleep at the computer, a member e-mailed wondering what sort of comfortable chair I was sitting in (since they could never get that comfortable in the chair they were using).
That was back from the days when I could reply to every e-mail. So in case an e-mail like that comes up (or more than one), I'll attempt to head off that topic by explaining, it's not a comfortable chair. It's a metal stool that swivels (like a really high bar stool) with a single pole from the base to the chair seat. More often than not, my legs are wrapped around it in some insane manner (anyone who's studied piano will probably understand that).

Moving on to this morning's New York Times (and I'll flip screens to check e-mails as we work on the first entry).