Thursday, March 10, 2005

Protests Planned At G8 Ministerial Meetings (IndyMedia review)

In the run up to the this summer's July G8 Summit in Gleneagles (Scotland), ministers from the eight more powerul economies are holding their 'mini-summits' around the country.This March London sees two related meetings. The Employment Ministers of the G8 nations are meeting on the 10th and 11th to make decisions, amongst other issues, about "where, how and under what conditions do we work, what happens if we don't work, and what awaits us upon retirement". A protest has been called for Thursday 10th at 12pm outside the Department of Trade & Industry, where activists will be launching a 'New Deal for the Death'.Coinciding with the International Energy and Environment Ministers' Roundtable (see DEFRA link) on 15th-16th March, a Counter Summit called Moving Beyond the Greenwash is being held on Monday the 14th, with an open invitation to climate change activists, people from environmental NGO's, local groups and anyone interested to find more about climate actions in the run up to the G8 Summit. The following day on Tuesday 15th a Climate Change Noise Protest is planned.

Community member English Penny sends the above in. It's from "Protests Planned At G8 Ministerial Meetings" at UK Indymedia. The article provides links to various events. English Penny also writes: "We're not smarter. Give us ten more years at which point the few brave members of Labour will be out and our party system will be one be composed of one basic party which is the problem you face now." (That's in reference to the last topic in this morning's "Wilgoren and topics to note in today's New York Times.")

Over in Ireland, there is an actual international incident going on and it has to do with torture and rendentions. Our torture jet. (Someone call Aaron Spelling quick: Torture Jet featuring a variety of guest stars you'd long ago forgotten, airing weekly on ABC -- in the debut episode
the Lawrence brothers find themselves flying to Pakistan after Joey Lawrence's cold results in "achoo" which sounds to a fiesty Melissa Gilbert like "Abu" leading her drop a dime on her lover and run into the arms of a sympathetic Homeland Security Crusie Director -- Gergory Harrison. Pamela Bellwood plays the Lawrence brothers' attorney who gets carted along for offering the treasonous "I object" in a closed courtroom.)

So was the torture jet there?'s Tim Hourigan reviews the events so far in "Airport Police move swiftly to suppress evidence. Is there a "torture jet" behind that warplane?" From the article:

Just got a phone call from Ed Horgan. He was gathering more evidence of the crimes at Shannon when he was set upon by the Airport Police. Ed was told that Airport "Police Inspector" John Martin, Garda Morrissey and Garda Coleman were taking him into custody for taking a photograph of a US militatry Hercules. UPDATE: It also appears that Ed saw a plane very similar to the CIA torture jet that has been using Ireland as an essential part of its war crime infrastructure.
The arresting officers cited Section 33 of the Air Transport and Navigation Act, which only restricts photographs in certain areas (such as the airfield) not on the public roads.
Under Section 59 of the same act it says "lest there be any doubt, the road, is, for the purpose of any enactment, a public place."
UPDATE Wed 9th March:
Ed Horgan visits Shannon again. Photos of warplanes.
On Friday 4th March Edward Horgan went to Shannon by prior arrangement to collect Eoin Dubsky's personal items (held at Shannon Garda Station since Eoin did some redecorating on a US Hercules warplane). While awaiting a phone call from Garda Sgt John O'Sullivan, he went to the airport to buy a newspaper and check if any US military, chartered US troop-carriers or illegal prisoner transport aircraft were at the airport.
As he approached the airport he noticed what appeared to be Gulfstream executive jet, similar to the N379P used for the transporting of prisoners for torture, landing on the main runway. He also noticed a Hercules C 130 parked close to Gate 40. He was waved through the road checkpoint on the approach road to the airport.
He then went up to the public viewing gallery and noticed that the GulfstreamExecutive jet was not anywhere to be seen (it may have been taken immediately into one of the hangers). He also, along with others in the viewing tower, observed the other aircraft at the airport. He noticed a US Air Force C-130 Hercules with the markings ANG Minesota, 61004.
He then went to the area of the car parks outside the main terminal building, and was observing the US Hercules C 130 when he was approached by a Garda Morrison, who was later joined by Garda Coleman, and by Airport Police Inspector John Martin.
He was followed into the terminal building and was detained by the Airport police. His camera and binoculars were taken from him at this point. He was asked to go to Inspector Martin’s office, and when he protested, he was informed that he would be taken there forcibly if necessary. He was then taken under detention or arrest, to Inspector Martin’s office where he was formally arrested under the Air Transport Navigation Act.

At NYC Indymedia, has "Three City College Students Charged With Felonies For Counter-Military Recruitment Protest:" has learned that the New York police have arrested three counter-military recruiters in New York and filed felony charges against two of the students.
Nick Bergreen, Justino Rodriguez and Hadas Thier, all undergraduate students at the City College of New York, were arrested Wednesday during a protest at the school. Bergreen and Rodriguez have been charged with felony assault; Thier was charged with obstruction of a government administrator.
BREAKING NEWS: From a letter to CUNY faculty by Ronald McGuire, Esq., a long-time public interest attorney and participant in the movement to defend CUNY:
This is an urgent request for individual faculty, the PSC and the UFS to contact City College President Gregory Williams **THIS MORNING**to avert what could be a major confrontation when students demonstrate in the NAC Plaza at NOON today to protest Pataki's tuition increase...
The students are determined to exercise their historic right to demonstrate in NAC Plaza **WITHOUT BARRICADES OR PENS**. For over 20 years NAC Plaza has been the site of student rallies, demonstrations and concerts with crowds of demonstrators peacefully mingling with their fellow students, faculty and staff who pass through the plaza... Security has **NEVER** erected barriers and there has never been a problem... There could be tragic consequences if Crinnion attempts to confine the demonstrators to "pens" this afternoon."
CCNY President Williams' contact information is: 212-650-7285 (phone); 212-650-7680(FAX)

(Thanks to Tricia for e-mailing in the above.)

The Mad Hatters Independent Media Center has Robert Nave's "CT Judiciary Committee Approves Abolition of Death Penalty:"

The Judiciary Committee passed HB 6012 tonight (03.0904) calling for the abolition of the death penalty. This is a true first for Connecticut. Although we most likely will not achieve abolition in this session, the momentum and political capital we now have is ENORMOUS and we can run with this - this is incredible.Now, to thank the proper people. First and foremost, I want to initially thank Amy Harris for organizing the vigils at the LOB and all of "Amy's Army" - whose names I will present in a separate e-mail to express our thanks to them. We must also thank the fantastic lobbyists who have worked on this for years and done the vast majority of work for us - Kim Harrison, Betty Gallo, Chelsea Turner and Dr. Marie Hilliard. I know that there are MANY, MANY more people to thank, but initially this is what I have.We are going to meet this coming Tuesday in Hartford at the United Methodist Church at 571 Farmington Avenue at 7pm for our postponed CNADP meeting and our agenda will be focused on our next steps - how amazing is this!!!! Let's keep this going - we have stepped in front of a speeding train, we have now just about stopped its forward progress, over the next few weeks and months, we must stop it completely, and then push it backwards far enough to ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY. It may take us a while to get this done, but we are off to a huge start.

(Thanks to Bob for e-mailing in the above item.)

Madison Wisconsin Independent Media Center offers news on Nepal via Stephen Mikesell's
"Nepal's Military Government Arrests Prominent South Asian Editor:"

Kathmandu, Feb. 7. Kanak Dixit, the regionally prominent editor of Himal Magazine South Asia and publisher of the fortnight news magazine Nepal Khabarpatrika, was arrested this evening from his house in Lalitpur. His arrest came shortly after the arrest of the head of the Federation of Nepali Journalists.According to a regional news report, "Plainclothes policemen who had been waiting at his home took him away saying the 'Superintendent wants to talk to you.' Dixit then drove to the police station in his own car. His wife who went to the police station in Jawalakhel where he is being kept wasn't told the reason for the detention nor how long he will be kept."
Many journalists, as well as political activists and human rights workers have been arrested since the king directed the military to take over control of the government two months ago. But this is the first time that such a prominent editor and publisher from the middle classes has been taken in. Our correspondent says that this is likely to shake the complacence of the middle classes.

Rena at Oklahoma Indy Media alerts everyone to "Rally and peace walk mark two years of war:"

Events planned for 3/19 and 3/20 in Oklahoma City
End the War Now - Bring the troops home
Oklahoma City:Rally on Saturday, 3/19 in Memorial Park. 2 pmSilent Walk for Peace, 3/20 around OKC Memorial, 2 pmMore info:

(Thanks to Trevor for sending that in.)

Also at Oklahoma Indy Media, Messenger advises "Nader: Support Conyers on Impeachment - link here to email:"

Ralph Nader told the nation to support Rep. Conyers who is considering moving forward on impeachment hearings.
Only people of his state can contact his DC office, emails are filtered.
Mr. Nader said Bush is "the most impeachable President in Modern History" and talked about high crimes and misdemeanors committed by this administration for oil.

(Thanks to Beth for e-mailing in the above.)

At Rochester Indy Media note Josh K.'s "Rochester Anti War Conference:"

11 am Saturday, March 12 at School Without Walls, 480 Broadway A conference to discuss and debate the future of the antiwar movement here in Rochester.
Rochester Antiwar Conference 11am March 12th, 2005 School Without Walls, 480 Broadway

1500 US soldiers dead 100,000+ Iraqis dead Countless Wounded and maimed on both sides $200 Billion for war $0 for Schools, healthcare or jobs? Right now more then 50% of Americans are against the war and occupation in Iraq, yet you wouldn't know that by watching the nightly news. Almost 2 years ago over 1200 people marched against the war right here in Rochester. Its time that we get organized and build a visible confident antiwar movement, right here in Rochester.

(Thanks to Roy for e-mailing in the above.)

At Seattle Indy Media, Pepperspray Productions announces an event for this Sunday in "Sunday 3/13: Screening of Activist Video Compilation The Leader' #12:"

PepperSpray Productions announces the premiere screening of: "The Leader #12," Sunday March 13, 7:30 p.m., doors @ 7:00 @ Visionary Dance Studios 4128 Fremont Ave N. Across from The Buckeroo, one block north of BF Day School on Fremont Ave.
Seattle independent video collective PepperSpray Productions will screen the new issue of their activist video quarterly, "The Leader" on Sunday night, March 13, doors opening at 7pm at Visionary Studios in Fremont. The program is made of up of 12 short pieces, which taken together give a unique snapshot of the many fronts of progressive/radical movements. The evening will feature new and recent works by Seattle videographers Steve Anderson, Patricia Boiko, Jill Freeburg, Lila Kitaeff, Lambert Rochfort, Randy Rowland, and Ken Slusher. Some of the topics covered are the campaign to protect low income housing at Yesler Terrace, the micro-cinema movement (featuring Wallingford Meaningful Movies) MLK day 2005 (featuring footage from the now unavailable Eyes on the Prize), Social Security and more.
There will be a $5 requested donation.

(Thanks to Lily for sending in the above.)

And at Milwaukee Indy Media, Marco offers advice to Dan Rather at the start of "Tying Together All The Ward Churchill Stories:"

I refuse to say "goodbye." Rather, I would demand that Dan, please start a blog! If you look at Rather's "downgoing" with a discerning eye you can quickly line it up in the context of the smear campaign(s) against Cynthia McKinney, Ward Churchill, Scott Ritter, Amiri Baraka, Richard Clark, and the list goes on and on from 11sep01 until now. Rather should've immediately begun investigating two things even twice as agressively from the very beginning of his smear campaign's appearance. 1) exactly which Republican activists leaked the "documents" to his station to burn him. 2) what other documents out there truly burn Bush on the "AWOL" issue. Refocus public scrutiny on the issue rather than the messenger. It turns out the issue itself disappeared. Dan Rather's character- death remains painful, public and slow. Long and drawn out.

(Thanks to Joan for e-mailing in the above.)

Over at Melbourne Indy Media, pc has '"No Sweat School" DVD launch:'

From the Fairwear media release: FairWear has recently developed a DVD resource "No Sweat School", filmed at Marian College Sunshine, Melbourne in 2004 and featuring students doing an ethical fashion parade and talking about homeworkers. The DVD is 7 minutes long and provides a useful tool for school communities to understand the issue of homeworkers in the garment industry. "We aim to encourage schools to learn, think and respond around these issues, to think globally and act locally to ensure that their uniforms are made under fair conditions - this is social justice in action". Annie Delaney FairWear coordinator said today. "A brand l used to wear a lot, l now know exploit outworkers and l look at the clothes.. The stitching, and it must have taken so long to do and they probably earned nothing for it. It has really changed the clothes that l buy and the things that l look at". Marian College student Natasha Pizzi said.

(Thank you to Crissy for e-mailing that in.)

And when we're "in" Australia, we always have to check up on our friend Luke (we should rather we're there or not). At wotisitgood4, Luke's addressing something very obvious but nothing that hit me (or anyone else I know of) so read "shove it" and be glad that Luke's tying together and analyzing something's that flown over most people's heads (including mine):

* "Teresa: Hackers may have won Bush office" this story is frontpaged on the smh website - its a PA article - bet you cant find it in the US media - apart from the seatllePI article (in their 'local' section). if u it, u get 8 responses, the original PI article, one in ireland, one in france, 3 in oz. hush. hush. imagine if she told someone to 'shove it'. this is pretty serious (non)news, if they really thought they could laugh at her, they really really would.
* in separate, unrelated news, they are opening up THK's estate records - and u can read about everywhere. think about that for a minute - 3 days ago she said that she thought the election may have been stolen and it gets abuot 2 mentions in the country, 19 hours ago a judge ruled that her inheritance records will be partly opened and it gets 50 mentions. f**king crooks. now think about it again. and its not like she is spouting off in isolation like an alien, there was a f**king electoral challenge. and conyers' report. and even f**king chris hitchens wrote an article about it.
* and in other separate news, stories about ms matsui's win ought mention that "She received donations from prominent Democrats such as Teresa Heinz Kerry" ($2000)

[Note, last week I got the title of Luke's post wrong. "Chains" and "Change." My apologies for that and it's been corrected in the original post.]