Friday, March 11, 2005

The Nation, Naomi Klein, Lizz Winstead

Again, please read The Nation's editorial "Democracy's Dilemmas." Now maybe you'd prefer to be played or misled, if so continue reading the likes of Toad and avoid The Nation. (An entry on The Nation and two other magazines disappeared from the site last night. Thanks to a UK member, it's been rescued and is back up.)

Let's note that Naomi Klein has an article in the latest edition of The Nation. It's entitled "Can Democracy Survive Bush's Embrace?" and will also provide you with perspective.

Computer problems prevented us from dealing with the urge to sell out on reproductive rights.
We'll tackle that tonight.

Martha e-mails about an online petition, "To Air America, Bring Back Lizz Winstead:"

Bring back Lizz! Rachel and Lizz were great together and we got alot of friends listening to Air America because of THEIR show. Air America has lost more than a few listeners now. When the news is so grim, it certainly is nice to swallow it with some humor. The way Liz and Rachel played off each other was great and it kept us tuning in. Unfiltered had a brilliant formula,of sucking the listeners in with humor and getting in plenty of important information too. Lizz was the most fun person to listen to at Air America. The back and forth between Rachel and Liz was relaxed, playful, and entertaining. Unfiltered was fun. Was. Past tense. We the listeners demand: Bring Lizz Back NOW!
The Undersigned

Check out the petition online.