Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mike Malloy subbing for Randi Rhodes this Monday

Just a heads up because we have a number of members to whom Mike Malloy speaks.

The Mike Malloy Show airs weeknights on Air America. However, this Monday, he will be substituting for Randi Rhodes. Check at Air America for the times for your area (or to listen online).

We'll of course wish Randi Rhodes a speedy recovery. Many members have sited her time and again as a voice that speaks to them. I'm not too proud to tell you that I had no idea Randi was recovering from surgery until I'm listening to Laura Flanders and looking at an e-mail from Tess. Work, as noted elsewhere, has been so crazy, I don't have time to listen currently. And no, that's not, "Gee, why didn't anyone say something about Randi Rhodes having surgery sooner!" I'll assume her privacy was being respected as it should be. But to reply to Tess's questions why haven't we said anything about it, I'll assume people who knew didn't feel it was a topic to be addressed prior. And I honestly didn't know about it. Since Tess notes that Randi's recovering and doing well, we'll note it now. (And thanks Tess for passing that on.)

While you wait for Randi's return, you can read her interview in the latest Clamor. From Catherine Komp's "On the Air with Saint Randi:"

Clamor: Why do you love radio?
Rhodes: I don't love radio. It's the only thing I know how to do. But it is very personal, and I love that I get you all to myself when you are listening.
You've been on nationally with Air America for almost a year now. What do you think the Randi Rhodes Show has accomplished?
I think we've made people feel sane. Half of the country hadn't heard their own views represented in media. I hear the "You make me feel sane" comment more than any other. I think we've also identified a new market place for the 21st Century. A way to let the entrenched power know that someone was watching now. That the days of propaganda radio were coming to a close and you had better check your facts in the morning, not your talking points. I do love exposing all of their lies and hypocrisy. Their bumper sticker approach to the people of this country. No one able to speak truth to their power. I think they're feeling it already.