Thursday, March 10, 2005

A note on the blog

There is something going wrong with the blog. Folding Star of A Winding Road had that problem earlier this week (yesterday?) and Rebecca just e-mailed that she's unable to get on to do a second entry that she's working on. (I've told Rebecca that we can carry her entry over here if she ever is unable to post. We would have to change the f-word, for instance, to "f**k." She said we can do the same if the problem persists and her's is up and working but that she would have to add f-words and others to the entry -- she was joking. So should you ever come on and find nothing and the archives not provide you with anything, consider hitting the link to Rebecca's blog Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude.)

This morning, the first post was lost completely and had to be recreated. Another post has just been lost. (It was short, no great loss.)

But the point is that there are problems.

Regarding tomorrow morning, if something get's lost, it gets lost. If I can't recreat it before I have to leave (I have a very early meeting that I can't miss), then there won't be an entry.

Another problem is happening for some people who go to view and find no posts today. Hit refresh on your screens and see if that pulls up entries should this ever happen to you. If not, as Shirley's pointed out to us before, go to the archives and click on March. That will bring up all entries for that month including ones you might not be seeing otherwise.

Finally, a third problem occurred today. People were getting only the first two entries in full displayed. In the third entry, the blog stops in the middle.

If that happens, go to the end of any entry that has posted. Click on "permalink." That will take you to a page that displays that entry (fully displays) and will give you the links on the left side and the archive option. From there, click on March (or, if it happens in the future, whatever month we're in). That should take care of it.

If not, please let me know and we'll try to figure out something else. The e-mail address is