Thursday, May 26, 2005

Colorado Indymedia back up with many articles worth reading

Colorado Indymedia is up and running again. We're going to note three stories from the site tonight. I hope no one feels they're being favored at the expense of other sites. Having been hacked and now being back up, we're highlighting them entirely for this entry because a) I'm really happy they're back up and b) to get the word out.

From "Denver Three announce 'Don't Privatize My Freedom Campaign'-Congressman Mark Udall endorses campaign:"

Two months after being physically removed from the Bush Town hall meeting in Denver, the threesome announces it's Don't Privatize My Freedom" campaign with two goals: to increase awareness of the White House pattern of removing citizens from meetings based soley on viewpoint, and two, to demand anwers from the White House about who removed us, who trained them and gave them their "marching orders".
Denver – Two months after three Denver residents were removed from a presidential town hall meeting on Social Security because of the bumper sticker on their car, the Denver Three and victims of similar incidents in other states announce their kick-off of the "Don't Privatize My Freedom" campaign. Congressman Mark Udall's (D-CO) endorsement of the campaign was also announced .

The campaign will increase awareness of the White House pattern of removing citizens from town hall forums based solely on viewpoint, and will demand answers from the White House about how event staff are trained.
Similar viewpoint exclusion and removal tactics have been used by White House event staff at town hall forums in Colorado, North Dakota, Arizona, and New Hampshire.After the March 21 incident in Denver, Udall sent a letter to the White House demanding answers, but received none.
The Secret Service has now opened a criminal investigation into the matter, 8 out of 9 Members of Congress from Colorado have condemned the removal of the Denver 3, and Members of Congress from numerous states involved have demanded answers.
"When the same thing happens in four different states, it's not an isolated incident, it's a policy," said Alex Young, one of the Denver 3. "The White House has done everything possible to stonewall any question about who is training event staff to violate the rights of citizens at public events. With the Don't Privatize My Freedom campaign, we are demanding answers - and we'll get them."
The campaign gets underway with today's announcement, and will continue with a trip to Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress to ask for answers and "real" town hall meetings in all 4 cities and Washington, DC. to discuss social security in an honest and open way. The group and it's lawyers will be speaking on First Amendment rights and will be running in the Freedom Run in Denver on July 4th. To support Free Speech and the Don't Privatize My Freedom campaign, visit and buy a t-shirt or sticker today (no profits are made on the sales).

That's the entry in full. (It's in the public domain.) With the other two items, we'll do excerpts.

From "Why Such Drastic Changes Sought by Neo-cons?" (this article and the one above are credited to "Anonymous Poster"):

Of course it is the inevitable, looming oil crisis that awaits the US (becauseof her thirst for oil) that has given this Administration the justification toinvade Iraq on the "pack of lies" (1. Honorable George Galloway) that came out of this White House. That, although not justified in many people's minds, is pretty much understood by the rank and file.
The pre-emptive doctrine conjured up by Wolfowitz and Pearle in '92 wasfiled under "R" for "ridiculous" at the time. But it was dusted off and accepted by both major parties a few years ago (with little if any debate) because we simply must have a constant supply of oil - PERIOD. Well that does not explain the emergence of the recent, drastic changes in "domestic policies" that we are seeing advocated of late, such as:

1) the attempt at dismantling the Senate's ability to Filibuster,
2) the dissecting of the Bill of Rights (such as illegal search> protection, among others),
3) the attempt to diminish the safety net for retirees,
4) the changes in bankruptcy laws and attempts at tort reform,
5) the wiping away of decades of environmental protection,
These have now, suddenly, been heavily pushed. And in the case of the PatriotAct, it was passed with the help of democrats that hadn't even read the massive bill. They quite possibly will have very long term effects on the average American's life.
The Filibuster fight had to do with judgeships in the Appellate and Supreme Court which can have a major effect on American's lives.

Again, excerpt. There's more to the article and you can click on the link to continue reading.

And lastly, we'll excert from "A BREATH OF FRESH AIR SWEEPS INTO HELL" (also credited to "Anonymous Poster" which I'm assuming is for posting, the article carries the byline of John Chuckman):

Like a refreshing breeze blowing briefly over those damned to endure the hell created by America's government came the words of British M.P. George Galloway to an American Senate Committee. The man was simply magnificent. Tough, brave, and articulate - hurling unanswerable truth at blubbering political lowlifes in silk suits.
Washington is the most dishonest place on earth, and with that fact goes another, that the American people are among the earth's worst governed. These creepy American Gauleiters had wronged Galloway with faked accusations of his profiting from oil trading with Saddam Hussein. My God, it's just one filthy lie after another. They tried smearing Kofi Anan with the same kind of stuff.
Why is it so rarely Americans who take on their own lying, murderous political establishment? It has always been the same. How few Americans stood up to that bellowing angry drunk, political wife-beater, Senator Joseph McCarthy, or that ugly maggot sucking at the nation's liberties, J. Edgar Hoover.
George Galloway's real crime is to have been a sharp thorn in Tony Blair's side, a powerful critic of the stupid Iraq War. Blair dreamt he would rise to Churchillian heights by attending training classes in Crawford, Texas, on how to rig an illegal war. Today he looks more like the sad, depleted Lloyd George expressing his admiration for that rising new star in Europe, Hitler.

Again, that's an excerpt. Click the link to continue reading.

And congratulations to Colorado Indymedia on being back up. There are many other articles there. I picked those three, you might find something you enjoy more, so consider checking it out.

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