Thursday, May 26, 2005

Friday, May 27th, 5:00 p.m. DC Anti War Network (DAWN) and CodePink demonstrate outside Georgia Avenue miltary recruiting station

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from DC Indymedia:

On May 27th
at 5pm
the DC Anti War Network (DAWN)
in conjunction with Code Pink
will demonstrate in front of the Georgia Avenue military recruiting station
to expose the lies and predatory aims of military recruiters.
(Please see below for directions.)
For those of us in DC who are parents or students, for those of us who have family members or friends in the military or know someone who is thinking about joining, we have a responsibility to unmask these military salesmen as they attempt to lure DC’s youth into an unjust and illegal war. All are encouraged to join us in this action.

As the United States government finds itself sinking increasingly deeper into a classic colonial quagmire in Iraq the ranks of the soldiers being used to occupy the country are continuously thinning. With military recruitment down the US is desperate to get more boots on the ground. This has increased pressure on military recruiters who will lie and manipulate young people so as to draft them into the army.
Young people are being targeted as never before as military recruiters are invading public schools, shopping centers and playgrounds. Yet even as their sales pitch rises to a crescendo military recruiters are being confronted by students across the country. From Seattle to Connecticut high school and college students are chasing recruiters off of their campuses in a movement that has come to be known as "counter recruitment."
On January 20th at Seattle Central Community College over 300 students surrounded a military recruiting stand forcing the recruiters off campus. Jorge Torres and Darrin Hoop from Students Against War in Seattle describe the event, "The hapless recruiters tried to act as if the crowd wasn’t bothering them and continued to pass out their literature. Students ripped it up in their faces and threw it in the air like confetti. Others tore off their tablecloth and pounded on the table. After fifteen minutes the recruiters were escorted off campus. The crowd followed behind, chanting 'Don’t come back!', and 'You should be ashamed!'" Students are reporting similar actions in places like the University of Texas in Austin, City Community College in New York, and Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts.

[. . .]

The station is located three blocks from the Silver Spring Metro at the intersection of Silver Spring Ave. and Georgia Ave. From the South Side Metro Exit, walk one block east on Bonifant St. to Georgia Avenue, then right 2 blocks to the recruiting station. Driving on Georgia Ave. from DC, the recruiting station is on the left, about two blocks past East-West Highway (Rt. 410).
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