Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pamela Troy's "Dangerous Clowns" (BuzzFlash), La Hermana Carol Gilbert fue liberada de prision (Democracy Now!), "CIA man saw detainee abuse" (AP)

Rachel e-mails to note that at BuzzFlash, Pamela Troy's latest installment of "Dangerous Clowns" is up (this is part three):

A pattern that has become more and apparent on both the official and grassroots level is that of conservatives compiling lists of dissidents, or individuals perceived as dissidents. Activists have found themselves on "no fly lists" or even the subject of "preemptive" arrests. Attendees at events where Bush or Cheney speak have been carefully vetted, with those identified as liberals or Democrats turned away as if their political affiliation alone qualifies them as security risks.
In Fargo, North Dakota, about forty people were listed as barred from Republican events for such radical activities as expressing criticism of George W. Bush. Recently in Denver, three people were denied entrance to the event because someone had spotted a "No Blood for Oil" bumper sticker on their car.
The use of blacklists, of course, is nothing new. It was the hallmark of the Red Scare, and those of us who are old enough and well educated enough to be familiar with the history of the HUAC [House Committee on Un-American Activities] and the career of Joseph McCarthy are also familiar with how and why the use of such blacklists are a detriment to an open society. Unfortunately, like the lessons of the Second World War, the lessons of the Red Scare are falling from living memory, and cynical conservatives have been quick to take advantage of this historical amnesia. The Bush administration might be somewhat cagey about its lists, blaming overenthusiastic Republican volunteers and computer database glitches, but younger conservatives seem to be less aware of the implications of the lists they compile, and therefore more transparent about the attitudes and motives that drive them.

From Democracy Now!'s Headlines yesterday, Maria chose this item to be offered in English and Spanish (remember "NEW FEATURE: Democracy Now! is now offering the program's daily news summary translated into Spanish. Los Titulares de Hoy"):

Sister Carol Gilbert Released From Jail
Sister Carol Gilbert has been released from prison after serving a 33-month sentence in a federal prison in Colorado. She was jailed along with two other Dominican sisters -- Sister Ardeth Platte and Sister Jackie Hudson. They were arrested for destroying government property during a Plowshares action at the N-8 Minuteman silo in Colorado. Last night at a welcome home celebration at Jonah House in Baltimore she defended her actions. "We acted because we never want a child to ask, 'Why were you complicit?'," she said. "And absolutely, I will continue to ask myself what needs to have truth spoken to it, so that a child would never ask me that, and I hope that I can be faithful in following conscience wherever that might lead."

And here is the Spanish version:

La Hermana Carol Gilbert fue liberada de prisión
La Hermana Carol Gilbert fue liberada de prisión luego de haber cumplido una condena de 33 meses en una prisión federal en Colorado. Fue enviada a prisión junto a otras dos hermanas Domínicas, Ardeth Platte y Jackie Hudson. Fueron arrestadas por destruir propiedad del gobierno durante una acción de desarme de la organización Plowshares en un silo nuclear N-8 en Colorado. En una bienvenida realizada anoche en la comunidad Jonah House en Baltimore, Gilbert defendió sus acciones.

Ethan e-mails this Associated Press article entitled "CIA man saw detainee abuse:"

A CIA official testified he witnessed the "pummelling" of a detainee at a Navy Seal base in Baghdad in 2003, but a former Seal who beat the prisoner said he was acting on instructions from the CIA.
The differing accounts were offered as the court-martial of Navy Seal Lieutenant Andrew Ledford got under way on Tuesday. Ledford, accused of charges including assault, dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming an officer, faces a maximum of 11 years in military prison if convicted.
The CIA official, who was shielded from public view, testified he recalled seeing a small crowd gathered around a Seal who was landing blows on the back of the prisoner who lay face down.

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