Friday, May 27, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews

This Sunday, on the Chat & Chews, don't expect much.

Here's the line up for ABC's This Week:

Sen. Arlen Specter (R) Pennsylvania
Sen. Sam Brownback (R) Kansas
Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian President
Danica Patrick Indy Car Driver

Two Republicans? And of course there's no more pressing issue for the Sunday Chat and Chews than "Indy Car Driver"s.

Here's their roundtable:

ABC's White House Correspondent Terry Moran and Congressional Correspondent Linda Douglass join George Will to discuss the week that was.

NBC's Meet the Press:

Co-Chairman & CEO, Nuclear Threat Initiative Former Senator, D - Georgia
Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee
Chair, 9/11 Commission
Vice Chair, 9/11 Commission
FRED THOMPSON Actor, "Last Best Chance"
Former Senator, R - Tennessee

In a special edition of "Meet the Press," we will explore the threat of Nuclear Terrorism. How secure are the world's nuclear materials? How can we prevent terrorists from getting their hands on a nuclear weapon?

Obviously, from the set of one of NBC's many Law & Orders, Fred Thompson has all the answers. No doubt Helen Caldicott was too busy to attend so they got Thompson to go on in her place. (That was sarcasm.)

At CBS' Face the Nation, being the only one of the three to be a half-hour (This Week & Meet the Press are both hour long shows) hasn't stopped them from using valuable time to address the pressing issues of . . . steroids in sports. Here's their line up:

The War In Iraq, Memorial Day, Steroids In Sports
Gen. Richard Myers
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Rep. Tom Davis
Chairman, Government Reform Committee
Republican - Virginia
John Feinstein
Sportswriter and Author
Colbert King
The Washington Post

If you love the Sunday Chat & Chews, watch and enjoy.

This week, there's not one guest that would even make me think of facing that white noise/feedback. You'll note, Meet the Press and Face the Nation have no female quests. Linda Douglas and the Indy Car Driver are on This Week. Check your local listings for air times.

If you're seeing the world around you, as it is, you're not watching the Sunday Chat & Chews. (With thanks to Ty & Jess of The Third Estate Sunday Review on that. They're always riffing on that topic.)

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