Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show: Sat. Matthew Rothschild, Deece Eckstein, Sue Niederer, Ned Sublette; Sun: Medea Benjamin, Reg Keys, Molly Ivins, Todd Boyle..

The Laura Flanders Show (7pm to 10 pm eastern time, Saturdays and Sundays on Air America Radio) gets its own entry (actually two, another to follow). Yes, it's one of the favorite shows of members (and a favorite of mine) but Matthew Rothschild will be on tonight so we really need to note that since he's also a favorite of the community. (Rothschild is the editor of The Progressive.)

Here's Saturday's line up again:

On Saturday, what's worth fighting for? Did the Senate's Dems cave too soon? And what does a fallen soldier's mom want from Donald Rumsfeld? We’ll get a reality check on Priscilla Owen and Tom Delay’s convicted treasurer from DEECE ECKSTEIN, director of People for the American Way in Texas. Then, yes - Bush and his top cammanders did commit war crimes - and should be held accountable. Progressive magazine Editor MATT ROTHCHILD on his explosive new article. And SUE NIEDERER on her letter to Rummy. Plus NED SUBLETTE, who created Cowboy Rumba music, on his new book extolling Cuban music.

Sunday is a compilation but one worth listening to:

On Sunday, best-ofs on telling the truth about war. We start with REG KEYS, who lost a son in Iraq and ran against Prime Minister Tony Blair in his hometown, Sedgefield, England. Then, what to do when military recruiters come to your school? We'll talk to TODD BOYLE on efforts to limit military recruiting in high schools and Colorado High School journalist DAVID MCSWANE on how he went undercover and taped recruiters telling him to lie. The hear MOLLY IVINS rip on the Downing St. Memo on fixed facts for war. That and more thoughts about the political animals running amok in Washington. Plus MEDEA BENJAMIN, co-founder of CodePink and co-editor of 'STOP THE NEXT WAR NOW: Effective responses to Violence and Terrorism.' and a British Member of Parliament BRIAN SEDGEMORE, who left the Labour Party to protest Tony Blair's lies on Iraq and a conservative takeover of his country's judiciary.

Note, this isn't a repeat of one show. This is compilation. I missed Medea Benjamin's interview (I had a really intense headache that night and focused on getting the what-are-they-reporting-in-the-rest-of-the-world posts up as quickly as possible and then called a night) so here's a chance to hear it. Molly Ivins was funny and insightful (Kayla, make sure you listen). I'm remembing Reg Keys (strong interview) but I'm blanking on Brian Sedgemore and Todd Boyle, but I'm sure that, as with David McSwane whose interview I do remember, those are interviews worth hearing.

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