Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Iraq: A law? A bill? Signed? Not signed?

Let's drop back to Friday's snapshot:

In Iraq today . . . confusion. Corinne Reilly (McClatchy Newspapers) reports that the presidency council "has agreed to approve a long-delayed law that will allow most of the country to hold provincial elections early next year, officials said Friday." However, China's Xinhua reports that the "presidential council had not approved the provincial election law passed by the parliament, local media reported Friday." Al Jazeera does not say that they have agreed to pass it, Al Jaezeera states that it is passed. AP also states it has passed and, in fact, signed into law by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani: "Firyad Rawndouzi, a Kurdish lawmaker, told The Associated Press that the three-member panel led by President Jalal Talabani had signed the law Friday and asked the parliament 'to solve the minorities problem'." Article 50 issue was never addressed. It is the one that has been called out by everyone from Iraqi Christians to Moqtada al-Sadr and puts minority representation at risk. Nouri al-Maliki did express some public statements and there is said to have been concern on the part of the presidency council. But if it's signed, it's the law. The Parliament can try to fix it but the law is what was signed by Talabani.

Saturday Sam Dagher offered "Baghdad Thorws a Party, Ignoring Recent Bombings" (New York Times):

Meanwhile, Iraq's presidency council, made up of the president and his two deputies, issued a statement Friday saying the body had ratified a provincial election law that the Parliament passed 10 days ago. This paves the way for local elections before the end of January in all of Iraq except in the hotly contested northern oil rich area of Kirkuk.

So it's a little confusing to read in Erica Goode and Stephen Farrell's "Iraqi Christians Joined by Muslims in Call to Restore Minority Representation Law" (New York Times) the following, "The law, passed on Sept. 24, still requires the approval of a three-member presidential panel led by President Jalal Talabani before it can take effect, clearing the way for elections to be held in most of the country early next year."

Did they misreport earlier? September 24th? The Parliament passes bills. The presidency council is required to sign something into law. The reporters state that approximately seventy-five Christian protesters lodged their public objections to the dropping of Article 50 which would have set aside 13 seats for Christians and 2 for "Yazidis and Shabeks".

Meanwhile Reuters reports US Dept Secretary of State John Negroponte's Green Zone based press conference was the site of a mortar attack shortly before the press conference began.

In the US presidential race, Megan notes this from Team Nader:

Dow Down, Nader Up


Dow Down, Nader Up .

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While Nader/Gonzalez stood opposed.

And stand opposed.

(Nader/Gonzalez would have prohibited Wall Street's "sustained orgy of excess and reckless behavior" -- as Richard Fisher, the president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank put it.)

The Nader/Gonzalez vast Get Out of the Vote Network is on the ground and cranking (Stay tuned for the details tomorrow.)

So, the choice on November 4 is clear.

The Corporate Elite.

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All we need is an October surprise.

An American awakening.

With the American people standing with the one candidate who has stood with them throughout his 40 year career.

Ralph Nader.

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Onward to November

The Nader Team

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