Friday, May 31, 2019

Some Tweets for Sharyl Attkisson

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    Why is still using your tax $ to fight Attkisson v. DOJ for govt. computer intrusions-- instead of providing justice? Clip below. Full video here: Please RT. Attkisson 4th Amendment Litigation Fund:
  • They are experts at running out the clock
  • Mike was a mentor and generous with his time.The first time we met in person, he asked why I sit up so straight. I told him he made me nervous. This should be good!
  • Good question... because has rejected justice in this case so far. But the judge in my case indicates if we have names we can move forward. They don't dispute the forensics but want names of the agents-- but won't give us discovery.
  • REWARD offered. 💰💲💲💲in Attkisson v. DOJ FBI for info revealing names of agents involved in Govt surveillance. won't investigate fairly, so we are self-funding fight for justice. Please RT!
  • 💰💲💲💲Here's my announcement at Attkisson v. DOJ FBI: Substantial REWARD for info revealing names of agents involved in Govt surveillance of me and my family. won't investigate fairly, so we are self-funding fight for justice. Please RT!
  • Kind of intimidating to have an Emmy winning anchorman at the desk with me tonight.
  • How the hell could I have a FISA investigation issued on me when I have never even traveled to Russia let alone met a Russian official? Can’t wait to see what’s in that bogus warrant. Hammer is coming down on the other side.
  • Also waiting some members to realize that President Trump can be beaten in a primary, and should they win the primary & economy holds, path to White House easier than for a Dem candidate. I think at least half GOP would vote for primary challenger
  • Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan tells reporters in conference call says US immigration officials now have a record 80,000+ people in custody.
  • Um, if that's how you read that statement, I think you'd better also start looking to find out where Russia went -- since it has "disappeared."
  • Deep Fakes. You'll love our next
  • Circular flaw: charges keep getting referred to DOJ implicating DOJ personnel and DOJ declines to prosecute itself/its own.
  • Wonder what's taking so long?
  • THE most important story of the day. Should have been widely covered. DOJ continues to embarrass and lose confidence. DOJ watchdog: Former FBI official illegally leaked court docs, disclosed 'sensitive' information and took gift from media.
  • Be sure to in our new poll regarding immigration at - scroll down and you'll see it on the right. Last week's poll asked who's to blame for 's failure to follow through on building the wall - Most respondents think Democrats are to blame.
  • now in our poll at - we have an easy one for you today. Scroll down, it's on the right side of the page.
  • My article from yesterday pertains to today. Check it out.
  • Sounds like Mueller is giving a once and for all wrap up.