Sunday, May 26, 2019

Some Tweets from Kirsten Gillibrand

  • Great to see you again ! Thanks for showing us around Cedar Falls and so many woman-owned businesses downtown. I definitely prefer shopping to arm-wrestling.
  • I can't get enough of how seriously Iowans take their responsibility as the first in the nation caucuses. They're engaged, passionate about issues, and always show up with great questions—even on Memorial Day Weekend! Join us in Waterloo ⬇️
  • My Family Bill of Rights includes the right to give birth or adopt without discrimination or cost barriers. Bigotry like this is exactly why we need to guarantee that right.
  • Met some bold and brave Iowans in Mason City! Violet may have a bright presidential future ahead of her.
  • Lack of access to early education is a problem in many rural parts of the country. Our panel here in Iowa Falls discussed how the Family Bill of Rights would impact families in these communities, especially when it comes to ensuring affordable child care and universal pre-K.
  • They have no agenda but hate. No "accomplishments" but hurting people. No motivation but cruelty. Disgusting, outrageous, and pathetic.
  • One of the panelists at our Family Bill of Rights roundtable in West Des Moines showed me one of her recent medical bills. $603. For a strep test. This is absurd. Families are being crushed by everyday costs, and they need a real economic policy plan to provide relief.
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    Thanks for including us, and thanks to for tackling support for families comprehensively. All people deserve the right and the *ability* to decide if when and how to become parents. Part of repro justice is not just the right but the ABILITY to make repro decisions
  • There's no reason a corporation making over $6 billion in profits can’t pay their workers at least $15 an hour. McDonald’s workers deserve a living wage, the right to unionize, and protection from sexual harassment. I stand in solidarity with the workers on strike.
  • Amazing day in Ft. Dodge, ending it with my new friend Harper.
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    . (D-NY) is running for president. We sat down with her to talk about how she'd approach everything from reproductive health to reducing carbon emissions if she's elected.
  • The Family Bill of Rights was built from the stories, concerns, and needs of families all across the country. Hearing from Iowans at our roundtable today makes me even more excited about how much good this transformative economic policy could do.
  • Sat down for a conversation and a glass of wine with , and we talked about everything from gun safety to abortion rights to climate change. Watch the full interview here:
  • Women can't afford for us to take half-measures in response to an all-out onslaught on their rights. We have to fight back like our lives depend on it. They do.
  • Had a great conversation with Morning Edition about abortion rights, climate change, and disruptive ideas to make bold change—listen to some of the highlights here. 🎙
  • Today, the New Hampshire legislature voted to approve an Independent Redistricting Commission—a critical move to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure EVERY vote counts. State and local elections matter. Your voice matters.
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    National attention is turning to issues that have been central to Kirsten Gillibrand's public service. "I will [guarantee] that no matter what state you live in, you will have a right to access full reproductive services," she tells .
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    "[I]f [Trump] wants a war with women on our reproductive freedom, it's a he's going to have, and it's a war he's going to lose." Thank you, , for fighting to protect our right to safe, legal abortion.
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    . in an op-ed to the Dallas Morning News: "It is unacceptable that a corporation that makes more than $6 billion in profits refuses to require franchisees to pay workers at least $15 an hour."
  • There is no dignity in underpaying workers or exposing them to unchecked sexual harassment in their workplace. To the McDonald's workers and all Americans who work day in and day out to provide a better life for their families: I stand with you.
  • The politicians interfering in patients' access to abortion would never accept us getting between them and their health care. We won't allow them into our exam rooms either. Now more than ever, we need to pass the Women's Health Protection Act.
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    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand spoke with NPR's about abortion, women's rights and national public service. Listen to the interview: