Sunday, May 26, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

  • The cypress forest in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena I have ever seen. Went there today on a tour of some of the rural areas hardest hit by the Hurricanes Matthew…
  • We’re headed to the debates on June 26-27 in Miami, Florida! We need to take our campaign infrastructure to a whole new level. And I need your help to do that. This is our campaign. And this is our time. Retweet and contribute today:
  • This is exactly what’s wrong with America & why nothing ever changes. With due respect, the Founders didn’t assign the Chuck Todds of the world to be a group of gatekeepers who get to tell the rest of us who’s “worthy” of being heard by the American people
  • I will be on Reddit today at 11am ET! Join to ask me anything:
  • In a country dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, all have the right to pursue happiness, & it’s govt’s responsibility to secure those rights, We the People should not tolerate Trump’s active attacks against transgender protection.
  • What things like this represent is not a covert corporate takeover of the US government. It is actually an overt corporate takeover of the US government. And only We the People can stop it.
  • Interesting day...
  • We just hit 1% in our 3rd poll! I’m deeply grateful to the many people who expressed early support for my candidacy. Today we reached an important milestone and we can go full steam ahead from here. Please donate now to keep up the momentum:
  • See you at the debates!

    1. Putting corporate profits before wellbeing of people & planet isn’t just immoral; it’s bad economics, stealing from the future by sucking short term profits from the present. Political establishment created & enabled this. Time for the people to step in.
    2. On a Department ofPeace, Iran, Venezuela and more ...
    3. This is precisely why we need a world class environmental scientist rather than an ex-chemical or ex-oil company lobbyist to head the EPA. Putting fossil fuel company profits before human health is insane, and people die because of it.
    4. 2) Let’s remember Muhlaysia Booker and Michelle Washington, take note of their lives and mourn their deaths. Most of all, let's commit ourselves - in their honor - to the creation of a world in which the love is so deep that such evil has no room to exist.
    5. 1) Attacks on transgender people have been rising, particularly against transgender women of color. At least 26 transgender people were killed in the United States last year, and this past weekend Muhlaysia Booker and Michelle Washington were killed less than 24 hours apart .