Sunday, May 26, 2019

Some Tweets from Seth Moulton

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    National service includes so much more than joining the military. Participants in my National Service Education Guarantee would have a range of community service options from a new Federal Green Corps to expanded AmeriCorps.
  • Last year I visited the border and met with deported veterans. That term shouldn't even exist, and is proof our system is totally broken.
  • That the president is even considering pardoning war criminals shows how little he understands about what it means to serve this country.
  • We need a strategy for Iran. Not a war.
  • The president is breaking the law by disobeying multiple subpoenas. That is an impeachable offense.
  • Given the way we’re treating the one we currently live on, we might need a new planet sooner than later.
  • We are facing an immigration crisis, but stealing money from the military to build a wall isn't going to solve it. We need to address this problem at the source, with aid to Central America.
  • China isn’t just a threat to the U.S., they’re a threat to the vitality of our planet. America must be stronger on the world stage to insist they play by the rules.
  • I miss them.
  • *taps mic* Just about every other advanced democracy has high-speed rail. It should be a cornerstone of our 21st century physical infrastructure. It creates jobs, expands economic opportunity, and reduces emissions.
  • What if, instead of increasing the defense budget, we fund mental health care for our veterans?
  • I suppose doctoring videos is the next logical step for a president who's still trying to tamper with multiple federal investigations.
  • The president publicly said he would sign this bill. The only thing standing between Americans in need and $19 billion is .
  • Saudi Arabia has a long history of human rights abuses and Congress has recently taken action to limit U.S. support for Saudi military campaigns. The president is blatantly ignoring both.
  • Trans rights are human rights.
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    Memorial Day is NOT about our military. It’s NOT about veterans. It’s about honoring those who gave their life while serving our country. For those of us who have served, this is an important distinction.
  • It should be harder to get a gun than an abortion.
  • The president has been violating the Constitution since his first day in office. It's incumbent upon us to make that case to the American people. And we can do that while making progress on wages, healthcare, and gun reform at the same time.
  • Sarah Sanders' problem is that she's totally lost control of the truth.
  • We're very fortunate to have you on our team, Tonya! Looking forward to doing great work in South Carolina.
  • "A similar measure was vetoed last month by Gov. , who argued that the legislation was unnecessary because the practice doesn’t exist." These laws are false virtue signaling and exist only to mislead the public and intimidate women and doctors.
  • TL;DR: "The results are devastating for Trump."