Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kat's Korner, Ms. Musing, Katrina vanden Heuvel

I'm going into work late today, so we'll highlight some of the stories members e-mailed in yesterday. But a number of you have already weighed in regarding the post Ava and I did last night. Ava's already agreed (gladly) to do another joint-post (hopefully tonight) responding to some questions and comments.

During the hour upon hour upon hour of working on that post with Ava, I missed the fact that Kat had posted her latest Kat's Korner last night. In case anyone else missed it, it is up and Kat's reviewing Tapestry.

From Ms. Musing, Elyse e-mailed to note this by Christine:

Donna Brazile uses her "Backtalk" column to address how pro-choice advocates should articulate the abortion debate:
Over the last 20 years, I have organized and participated in rallies in support of women’s reproductive rights. As a Catholic woman, I have tried to explain my strong support of reproductive freedom by telling the stories of women I know and love. With the new Republican anti-choice majority, abortion-rights supporters must prepare for one of their toughest battles. It’s imperative that the pro-choice movement reeducate and empower the masses to go on the political offense.
Read the rest here.

Natalie e-mails to highlight our friend Luke of wotisitgood4 which will try to highlight in a moment but everytime I put it in here the entire post goes insane and starts running together (with every word in this post underlined as if it's hypertext). I'm sure it's a Blogger (program) problem as well as something on my end, but we will note Luke in the next post.

Roy e-mails to note that Katrina vanden Heuvel's Editor's Cut contains readers suggestions for
songs to be added to the Bully Boy's iPod:

But I knew my list included only a tiny fraction of what this President needed to hear. So, I asked readers for their nominations for the "First iPod." Within minutes, terrific song suggestions were pouring in from across the United States. Many of you nominated Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief;" Green Day's "American Idiot" ("custom-written for Dubya," one reader observed); Black-Eyed Peas, "Where is the Love?;" and Edwin Starr's "War--What is it Good for?" Greats like Frank Zappa (especially, "The Torture Never Stops,"), Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs were also at the top of many lists.
I've compiled a readers' playlist from all your emails, but first I wanted to share a few of the interesting comments that came in from across the country [. . .]

And from Richard Myers out of Furlong, PA: "How about 'The End' by The Doors--as in less than four years and counting?"
Here's to that! In the meantime, let's keep adding to George W's iPod. Click
here to keep those suggestions coming.

Roy says he's surprised no one's suggested "You're So Vain." (Have you suggested it, Roy?)
I'd agree with that pick, I'd also suggest Jean Knight's "Mr. Big Stuff." Or Ani DiFranco's "Napolean," or the Beatles' "The Fool on the Hill," Stevie Wonder's "He's Misstra Know-It-All,"
the Mamas and the Papas' "Trip, Stumble & Fall," Diana Ross's "Young Mothers," the Vines' "F.T.W.," the Rolling Stones' "Out of Time" . . .

No, I haven't sent in anything either Roy. Like you, and probably everyone else, I'm just trying to tread water here. But I'm surprised no one suggested any Tori Amos, especially "Sweet Dreams:"

Land, Land of Liberty we're run by a constipated man
When you live in the past
You refuse to see
When you're daughter comes home nine months pregnant
With Five Billion Points of Light
Gonna shine 'em on the face of your friends
They got the earth in a sling
They got the world on her knees
They even got your zipper
Between their teeth
. . .

E-mail address for this site is

["You're So Vain," Roy's suggestion -- and a good one -- is of course written and performed by Carly Simon. It's available originally on No Secrets and on every Carly collection: The Best of Carly Simon vol. I, Greatest Hits Live, The Carly Simon Anthology, Clouds in My Coffee, etc.
Tori Amos' "Sweet Dreams" is written by her and you can find it's latest version -- dusted off to apply to the Bully Boy though written during the end of his father's term -- on Tales of a Librarian. I usually cite the album only when I quote a lyric. I've cited Roy's because it was a member's suggestion. If anyone's needing to know the album someone's song is on (for instance, Stevie Wonder's song is off the album Innervisions), e-mail in.]