Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews -- will "X" fluff on This Week?

Again, I don't watch the Sunday Chat and Chews. If you do, here are the announced guests. All programs air on Sunday, check your local listings.

We'll start with ABC's This Week and there is a reason.
First the guests:

Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., ranking member, Foreign Relations Committee; member, Judiciary Committee
Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., chair, Republican Policy Committee; member, Judiciary Committee
Fr. Charles Curran, Professor of Human Values, Southern Methodist University
Michael Novak, George Frederick Jewett Scholar in Religion, Philosophy, and Public Policy, American Enterprise Institute
Voices: Jason Kamras, 2005 Teacher of the Year

Now note this:

"Just back from Iraq, Fareed Zakaria joins The New York Times' Elizabeth Bumiller and George Will at the roundtable to discuss the flare up in violence in the country, the Bolton nomination and the energy bill."

In the past, on PBS, Bumiller has been able to refrain from offering opinions & predictions by instead sticking to the facts. (Something that the guidelines encourage Times reporters to do, in fact.) But if you're interested in watching, see how she handles herself next to the Georges and whether she remains a reporter or casts herself as a palm reader.

(And for the record, the energy bill, Iraq and the Bolton nomination aren't really things she's covered for the paper as anyone who reads the paper can tell you.)

Let's move on over to NBC's Meet the Press where the guests are:

JOSEPH BOTTUMEditor, First Things Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard
THOMAS CAHILL Author and Historian
E.J. DIONNE Washington Post Columnist
REV. JOSEPH FESSIO, S.J. Provost, Ave Maria University Founder, Ignatius Press
JON MEACHAM Managing Editor, Newsweek
SISTER MARY AQUIN O'NEILL, RSM, PH.DDirector, Mount Saint Agnes Theological Center for Women

Saving CBS's Face the Nation for last. As everyone knows I'm not a Blinky fan, but Bob Schieffer may be the only one on the big three not hosting a "lifestyle magazine" tomorrow.
Were I to watch one (which I won't), I'd go with Blinky. As stated before, it's only a half-hour and you haven't wasted your whole Sunday morning by staring at a TV set, plus (again), it's an actual news program tomorrow, not a "lifestyle show."

Majority Leader Tom DeLay's Ethics Issues
Role Of The Filibuster In The Senate

Rep. David Dreier
Chairman, Rules Committee
Republican - California

Rep. Charles Rangel
Ranking Member, Ways And Means Committee
Democrat - New York

Jan Crawford Greenburg
Legal Correspondent
The Chicago Tribune

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