Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Natalie highlights Luke of wotisitgood4

* David Letterman: "Friends say that each day President Bush spends two hours playing video games. Now let's think about this -- there's a war in Iraq, gas prices have never been higher and what is he working on? Getting Spiderman to the third level. ...Yeah George loves video games. His favorite? Grand Theft Election." it seems we are at the point where the mainstream nation laughs at stolen elections... its not even a secret... fingers x'd that as blinkys numbers continue to crash, there might be some impetus for impeachment. his numbers are now 44% approve/50% disapprove. if people get sufficiently grumpy *and* they have reason to believe that he stole an election or two... keep makin the jokes, dave. now, if we could only recruit russert et al... ha!
* david brooks writes a column that is only partly idiotic, and the leftosphere is drooling. its f**king david brooks people - please take a closer look. and can we please stop doing the low-expectations limbo???shorter brooks: 'there are two type of manifestations of people: the red inner, and the blue outer' * drudge is apparently not gay. according to drudge. he sez he was nearly married once... to finklestein?

Not having much luck getting this up there. But the above is from our friend Luke of wotisitgood4 and Natalie e-mailed in the above highlight.