Friday, April 22, 2005

Three links added (and thanks to Bora of Science and Politics)

From an overlong entry last night that was saved to draft (it still needs work), let's note this:

But we've added three links. Tomorrow is Earth Day and I e-mailed Bora (aka Coturnix) of Science and Politics to ask for suggestions. Bora advised Tangled Bank First Anniversary Edition and The Tangled Bank were good resources for scientific discussions. Normally, blog adds go through our panel but Bora knows more than I do about science and with Earth Day being tomorrow . . .

The Tangled Bank will offer an archive of all entries and the First Anniversary Edition will track the most recent entries over a two week period. (I hope I understood that right. If not, it's my mistake.)

Bora had other suggestions (and thank you for those) which hopefully we'll be able to add tomorrow evening but I'm hungry and tired and just wanting to stop for the night.But we added another entry tonight, Media Matters. I had wanted to write something about John Cloud's attack on David Brock but I don't have time. (Maybe tomorrow.) I will say that the remarks seemed stunning coming from a supposed objective journalist and that I was offended for Brock.

E-mail address for this site is

(The entry deals with why Ann Coulter isn't a cover for a general interest magazine. If I can make it readable, it will be posted later today or tomorrow.)