Sunday, April 17, 2005

Watching America

Robin e-mailed Friday to give the community a heads up to a site she and a colleague are doing entitled Watching America. The site has some sort of a counter or tracker, so consider that a heads up.

It sounds like a wonderful resource and if you're not interested, that's fine but try to pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.

We'll mention them again tonight in our global entry.

And on that topic, we are a resource/review. We will absolutely highlight things that members give us heads up to. However, if visitors pass on something that's a resource, we'll highlight that as well. A few weeks ago, I gave a heads up to a search engine that a visitor had passed on via e-mail. There have been about fifteen e-mails on that (two liked the engine, the rest didn't). As a result of the feedback, we won't highlight search engines again unless they're somehow benefitting the environment, human rights or something along those lines.

But if a visitor has something to pass on to the community that's a resource, we will highlight it.

And again, Watching America sounds like a strong resource. And if I've screwed up the links to it (which I sometimes do), you can copy and paste this into your browser address bar:

So if I screwed up the link, just copy and paste.

And for anyone wondering, I do not know Robin. Robin says the site is a free site. There's no money being exchanged for this highlight nor any other favors. She contacted the site, and I'm sure others, to get the word out on Watching America and because it seems like something the community might find of interest, we're highlighting it. If you're able to help her get the word out further, please do.

The e-mail address for this site is