Saturday, April 23, 2005

Laura Flanders Show & Ring of Fire

From the Air America home page:

Ring of Fire
Want to add fuel to the fire? Call the Ring of Fire hotline anytime! 1-866-389-FIRE
Next weekend, Ring of Fire starts taking calls from listeners. If you'd like to talk with Bobby and Mike on the show, get a head start by calling the hotline now. Leave a message, and if your call is selected, the staff will call you back. On April 30, Ring of Fire also expands to two hours, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Eastern, 2:00-4:00 p.m. Pacific. Join us -- and call us -- Ring of Fire.
The Best of Ring of Fire, Year One
Mike and Bobby celebrate their first year on air with favorite interviews from past shows and current updates on the stories.
"Dead Peasant" insurance policies. Did you know that in some states, your employer can take out a life insurance policy on you without telling you and then collect all the money when you die? Mike talks with Scott Clearman, an attorney who sued Walmart over this ghoulish practice.
civil rights activist Julian Bond assesses the Bush administration's record on social justice and racial equality, in an eloquent interview with Bobby from our first Fourth-of-July show.
Her name is similar but her battle is different:
Julia Bonds talks with Bobby about the horrific "mountaintop removal" method of coal mining. The coal industry is slicing off the tops of majestic Appalachian mountains and dumping the waste in streams and valleys. Julia is a ninth-generation coal miner's daughter who is standing up against the devastation of her homeland.
Mike and Bobby talk with one of their heroes, acclaimed journalist and author
Bill Moyers, about the fight to reclaim the media from the far-right corporate monopoly. Bill warns that a handful of companies are starting to dominate access to the Internet, which he calls the "last, best hope" for a free press in America. (along with Air America, of course!)[permalink]

The Laura Flanders Show
This Saturday Air America Radio presents the absolute best of The Laura Flanders Show.
Jesse Jackson Jr. and Jesse Jackson Sr. come on the show to talk about real election reform. Plus, Monty Python's Terry Jones and master musician Nile Rogers! Who says we can't gracefully take matters into our own hands? All on the Laura Flanders Show this weekend.... [permalink]

By the way, I'm not ignoring Marty Kaplan's So What Else Is News?, there's just no information posted about it on the home page and on the page for the show itself, it's not been updated (as I type) since last weekend.

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