Monday, December 30, 2013

Nouri attacks Anbar

Al Mada reports 44 MPs with the Motahidon Alliance have submitted their resignations to Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi because of today's attacks on the protesters in Anbar.  Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq is stating all MPs from the Iraqiya bloc should resign right now to trigger an immediate election.

Saleh came into Parliament (and to his Deputy Prime Minister post) because Iraqiya won the 2010 elections.  He's now estranged from Iraqiya which will most likely not be a major grouping in the planned April 30, 2014 elections. (Barring a decision on the part of al-Nujaifi -- among others -- to run on the Iraqiya ticket, Iraqiya will not be a major entity in the elections.)   He is correct that resignations could trigger an immediate (say within 30 days) election per the Constitution but when in Nouri al-Maliki's two terms as prime minister has the government followed the Constitution?

al-Mutleq also reveals that the government has cut off all internet and telephone communication for and among Anbar residents.

All Iraq News notes the spokesperson for the Motahidon Alliance held a press conference and stated that the resignations are taking place and "that the war in Anbar is unconstitutional and violate all patriotic terms."

What's going on in Anbar?

Nouri's thugs are attacking the peaceful protest sites in Falluja and Ramadi.

Al Mada cites an Anabar police source explaining Nour had the army storm Falluja following tank shellings and mortars being shot at the protesters.  The source states an unknown number of people are wounded and dead.

If this surprises you then you're one of many the western media has failed as they have refused to report Nouri al-Maliki's threat made on television Friday that he would not allow the protesters to stage another Friday sit-in and that he would burn the tents in the squares down.

When Americans have their panties and boxers in a wad, they expect the whole damn world to care.

Let an Occupy site be closed down and it's the end of constitutional government in the United States.  Let a bunch of people go to a political convention (I'm talking in the '00s and not the 60s) with violent slogans and a skirmish ensue and, damn, they want the whole world to know.

But, funny, the left in America that I'm referring haven't said one damn word in defense of the Iraqi protesters.

The hideous Amy Goodman did a segment allegedly on Iraq on her Friday show.

It never mentioned the ongoing protests which have now passed the one year mark.

Her stupid AFP reporter (WG Dunlap) can't be bothered with even Tweeting on the protests and Raed Jarrar has not written a Tweet on Iraq since March.  He's Tweeted non-stop.  He just isn't interested in Iraq.

He's ignored the increase in violence and everything else.

But there he was on Friday, as Ava and I noted in "Media: The Collapse of Indymedia and its Queen," offering generic statements (that couldn't even name the prime minister), the sort a student who failed to do the assigned reading might offer, generalized and vague and never touching on a single even in Iraq that took place this year -- not a protest, not an attack, not provincial elections, nothing.  As we noted:

Jarrar left Iraq long ago physically and apparently mentally and emotionally.
For example, in December, Raed offered  22 Tweets and re-Tweets.  Exempting the ones promoting his appearance on Friday's Democracy Now!, how many Tweets or re-Tweets were about Iraq?
Only one.  And it was a re-Tweet.  Iraq's had a huge resurgence in violence in the last two years. December's already at least the second most violent month (based on deaths) of the year.  But Raed never took the time to write a 160 characters or less Tweet on that.
If you go through his Tweets from September through November, you'll find no Tweet or re-Tweet on Iraq.
In fact, you have to drop back to May 1st to find the term "Iraq" on Raed's Twitter feed.  That's when he reTweets about an attack on a US Iraq War veteran.
1145 people died from violence in Iraq in the month of July.  That is currently monthly total record (though December is not over yet).  Raed didn't Tweet about it.
In fact, you have to go back to March -- the 10th anniversary of the start of the illegal war -- to find Raed Tweeting about Iraq and then it's more about "pre-2003" than anything else.

It wasn't a discussion of Iraq at all.  It was just another marking time moment from Amy Goodman where she disinforms the country -- or the small number in the US that still follow her after she sold war on Libya and tried to sell war on Syria (read Ava and my piece if that's news to you).

And always Goody Whore begs for money.

Ava and I note her December 26th e-mail appeal as well as her begging every visitor to donate $10 bucks -- why doesn't she donate the over $100,000 a year she gets for serving on the 'board' of Democracy Now! -- please note, when you serve on a board, you get a payment of some form.  This payment is not for her on air duties. This over $100,000 a year (noted in Charles Davis' "The Exploited Laborers of the Liberal Media") is just for serving on the board.

How does she justify even a dime?

You do a segment supposedly on Iraq Friday.

All hell breaks loose on Monday at the protest sites.

Your viewers and listeners have no idea what's going on because despite the protests going on continuously since December 21, 2012, you and your guests failed to even raise the topic -- failed to raise it, let alone discuss it.

How does that level of 'journalism' deserve donations?

We'll go over the horrors in Anbar in the snapshot tonight.

For now, let's look at other violence in Iraq.

National Iraqi News Agency reports 2 Mosul bombing targeted MP Jassim Mohammed Hussein and left at least two of his bodyguards injured,  two children were kidnapped in Kirkuk, an armed attack in Balad left Lt Col Nouri al-Azzawi injured, a Qayyarah sticky bombing left army Colonel Raad Yassin Amash killed, 1 Baijia suicide  car bomber took his own life and that of 1 police officer and the police officer's son, a Mosul car bombing left 4 people dead and four people injured, a Kirkuk car bombing left six people injured, an armed clash in Falluja left 8 people dead and forty injured, Sheikh Qais al-Jubouri was shot dead in Muqdadiya, a Baquba bombing left two police members injured, an al-Hamdania attack left 1 Kurdish force and 1 woman dead, an attack on a Mosul federal police checkpoint left 1 police member dead, a Mosul garage bombing left three people injured, a Tikrit car bombing targeting the Vice Chair of Salahuddin Province  left four of his bodyguards injured , and a Tuz Khormato car bombing claimed the lives of 2 police members and left four more injured.  All Iraq News adds a Kirkuk motorcyle bombing left four children injured, 3 corpses of Iraqi soldiers were discovered dumped in the streets of Beiji, an armed attack in Shurqat left 5 Iraqi soldiers dead, and a mayor and 1 teacher walking in Mosul were shot dead,

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